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Grassroots Lobbying

Politics: Why Fire Fighters Must Get Involved
Political action is the backbone of a union's political strength. Fire fighters are learning that what they win at the bargaining table can be lost by a simple action of the government. Fire fighters must respond with political action. This response is based on a very simple political fact: the goal of any politician, after having been elected, is to get reelected.

Fire fighters must be involved in the political process: lobbying and electing their representatives. Responsible citizen participation in politics is a must for democracy to work. Therefore, union members must base their efforts on responsible, factual, and continuous political education. Individually, we do not have the time or facilities to research all issues, interview prospective candidates, check out the records of all candidates, initiate legislation on our behalf, put our views before political parties, make large effective contributions, etc. However, the one thing we have learned is that accomplishments can be made through organization and united action as a union. As a union, facts can be gathered on any given issue which can be presented to members so they can make an informed decision on an issue.

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