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Electing Our Own

The best way to advance IAFF legislative issues is to elect fire fighters and emergency medical personnel to public office. IAFF members and their families understand the unique challenges first responders face in their communities. More than 325 members and family members are currently elected to public office. The IAFF encourages those interested in taking on the challenge of running for public office to pursue the opportunity.

FIREPAC Financial Assistance
FIREPAC supports members and family members elected and those interested in running for office. Taking on the challenge of running a campaign can be costly. Elected members and candidates can request financial assistance from FIREPAC for their campaigns by completing the following:

1. FIREPAC Contribution Request Form (Click Here)

2. Submit a letter of endorsement from the candidate’s home local AND any other local that member/family member will be representing if elected.

3. Submit a copy of a campaign budget.

Please fax or mail the above forms to: International Association of Fire Fighters, Attn: Political Action, 1750 New York Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20006; Fax: (202) 783-4570.

IAFF Candidate Resources

In addition to financial assistance, the IAFF Political Action Department is a resource to a member’s campaign in several ways.

1.  Attend the IAFF Political Training Academy (hyperlink). The Political Training Academy is an educational five-day program that teaches members about the nuts and bolts of political campaigns. The Academy is intended for all skill levels and addresses the issues of fundraising, messaging, planning, researching, field plans and more.

2. Procuring Targeting Data: Through a partnership with the National Committee for an Effective Congress (NCEC), the IAFF provide targeting information for your campaign. When requesting this information, please include the name of the position you are running for, the district number, and/or the name of the jurisdiction in which you are running. Please make this request at least one month before you will need to use the data.

3. Targeting Assistance:  IAFF Political Action staff can provide technical assistance to help you understand the NCEC data and execute your targeting plan.

4. Technical Assistance Reviewing Overall Campaign: The IAFF Political Action staff can review your campaign plan, budget, fundraising, polling data, direct mail literature and other pertinent campaign items.

5. Mailing Labels/Phone Lists/Walk Lists: The IAFF Political Action staff can provide you with this data of IAFF members in the jurisdiction in question.  This request must be made from the local president to your IAFF district vice president, who in turn will make the formal request to the IAFF General Secretary-Treasurer’s office. When making your initial request, please notify the IAFF Political Action Department. Please begin this request process at least one month before you will need to use this information. Be specific in your request.

6. State Election Law Assistance: IAFF Political Action staff can help ensure that you comply with all appropriate state election law requirements. However, if you are uncertain about an aspect of your state law, contact us before you undertake an effort, not after the fact.  

7. FIREPAC Check-Off Assistance: The IAFF Political Action Department can provide you with any information and materials you need to establish a FIREPAC Check-Off Program for your local, including technical assistance to set up the program.

8. Referrals to External Campaign Professionals: If you anticipate the need to hire outside campaign consultants (pollsters, media advisors, direct mail firms, etc.), the IAFF Political Action Department can provide referrals of qualified professionals. 

 If you would like access to any of these resources or have any questions, please email the Political Affairs Department at politics@iaff.org.


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