This table contains a list of the injury prevention programs each department uses.  Right-click on the table to export this information to an Excel spreadsheet.


Austin Injury Prevention program through wellness clinic
Calgary Contracted FMS screening during wellness
Charlotte An employee out of work for more than thirty (30) days due to injury or illness must receive a medical clearance from their attending physician with no indicated or implied physical restrictions.  The employee must obtain a medical clearance from the Department's Occupational Specialist.  The Occupational Specialist will complete the Return to Duty Form.
Fairfax Co. Rehabilitation and remedial support for anyone who needs it is provided through the Wellness Center
Indianapolis Contracted - Public Safety Medical Services
Los Angeles Co. Contracted for worker's comp; minor injury prevention program through PFT's
Metro Dade Co. Provides a physical therapy program
New York City Diagnosis, treatment, rehab, cleared to full duty
Phoenix Contracted

Functional movement mobility screenings offered during annual physical

Fire Rehabilitation Program

Seattle Members have the ability to request Work Hardening
Beckley N/A
Carrollton Alternate duty program
Council Bluffs Light duty agreement that allows a member to be released for light duty if he/she is injured while on duty
Lewiston Contracted Occupational Medicine Facility

Light duty program for on the job injuries at 100% pay for medically approved rehab

Limited hours according to medical direction

Mesa Banner Occupational Health, specialty doctors and physical therapy offices
Narragansett In-house programs designed by Peer Fitness Trainer

Outsourced programs such as South County Hospital Cardiopulmonary rehab

Orange Co. Fire Authority Physical therapy contract - Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy

Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) - required by CalOsha

Safety & Occupational Health Committee - represents Injury Prevention Committee
Portland Provided by Pension and Disability Fund

Fire Fighters see board MD then can choose from many providers in the community

Port Moody An employee out of work for more than four days (block) due to injury or illness must receive a medical clearance from their attending physician with no indicated or implied physical restrictions.
Prince George's Co. Injury/Illness Back to Work Program
San Diego Injury Prevention Program

Athletic Trainer provides rehabilitation to those that need individual attention

Snohomish County Fire District 1 Rehab/Injury Prevention Program - contract exercise personnel/medical provider

Wellness Committee Works

Tualatin Valley Occupational Health & Wellness Services serve as the treatment coordinator(s), and oversee the implementation of treatment, rehabilitation, and other elements as prescribed to the employee by the District physician

Return to work program includes light duty program and an occupational return to work evaluation (fit for duty & return to work forms listed in medical section above)