IAFF Local Prince George's County Professional Fire Fighters & Paramedics Association, IAFF Local 1619
District 4
Department Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department
Members 1,000 career (combination department)
Contact Information Bill Bussing



An internal survey was initiated within the Prince George's County Fire Department (PGFD) in 2003-2004 by the Wellness-Fitness Committee to ensure feasibility of a permanent wellness-fitness coordinator, PFTs, fitness equipment in stations and research and development of the IAFF/IAFC CPAT in the future. Local 1619 leadership made several attempts to convince management to legitimately pursue a program. The majority of members were also aware of the importance of wellness-fitness. In order to convince management of the necessity of a wellness-fitness program, Local 1619 worked to help the fire chief understand that progress toward a wellness program would not negatively affect the budget. A study conducted within the department showed that improvement was needed and that the current medical services provider's program was completely flawed. As a result, the Labor/Management Wellness-Fitness Committee was formed.

In 2006, a Wellness and Fitness General Order was submitted to the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department with the wellness and fitness policies and procedures and all program components. The Wellness and Fitness program components revolve around the systems of Total Health Risk Management and are designed to protect the health and well-being of the individuals in the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department and decrease the fiscal affects of injury, illness and sick leave use.  

The three major goals of this General Order included: individual and departmental safety; individual and overall readiness of the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department; and implementation of individual and organizational wellness and fitness training. 

To read the entire General Order with the wellness and fitness policies and procedures, click here.


Facility Off site medical clinic - Concentra
Physician Wellness/Fitness Medical Director
Additional Staff Wellness and Fitness Coordinator
Exam Frequency Annual - scheduled by the Risk Management Office (RMO)
Exam Details Medical Details

Medical/Physical Process

Medical Report Review

Stress Test Procedures


Duties Conduct physical fitness appraisals

Maintain equipment

Facilitate wellness/fitness education and promotion at the station/battalion level

Recruit physical fitness appraisals and pre-hiring wellness/fitness mentoring

Research and development of new wellness/fitness methods

Coordination and communication of information and data to the Risk Mgmt. Office and the Wellness and Fitness Coordinator

Exercise Time

Minimum of 1.5 hours 3 days each week on day work

2 hours every 24 hour work shift

Each individual employee's responsibility to maintain a training log of documented physical fitness training and functional physical training; must be signed by the employee's supervisors and presented upon request to the Risk Mgmt. Office

Exercise Program Functional Physical Fitness Training Programs - offer the opportunity to combine physical fitness training with heavy exertion skills and movements required of job tasks that are specific to emergency operations

Peer Fitness Trainer Programs

Pre-Hire Fitness Preparation Program

Recruit Fitness Training Program

Equipment In house 360-square-foot fitness center includes:  treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, rowing machines, stair climbers, machine and free weights

Use of station equipment, community centers

Nutrition Wellness and Fitness Director works with a certified nutritionist(s) to develop weight loss and create individualized diet plans to achieve and maintain optimum health, body weight while reducing chances for disease

Functional Fitness Training Form

Health Wellness Administrator Job Description

Health Wellness Coordinator Job Description

Wellness Fitness Program Task Descriptions

Wellness Fitness Station Education

Wellness Fitness Training



Method Injury/Illness Back to Work Program
Modified/Light Duty Yes - Risk Mgmt. Office conducts case review meetings on a weekly basis
Injury Prevention Committee


Behavioral Health

Method EAP Program

Education in station

Stress Management

Health care provider and County program

Depression and Alcohol Risk Assessment

Cost Justification

Method N/A

Data Collection

Method (CTX) through medical physicals

Cardiac risk factors tracked by Mirosoft Access

Data Collected N/A


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