IAFF Local Portland Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 678
District 9
Department Portland Fire & Rescue
Members 678 All Career
Contact Information Janet Woodside jwoodside@fire.ci.portland.or.us



Portland Fire & Rescue (PFR) started implementing components of IAFF/IAFC Wellness-Fitness Initiatiave (WFI) in 2000. It learned to implement the WFI by attending IAFF Redmond Symposiums, asking many questions of the initial 10 cities, and the IAFF Health and Safety staff.

An on-duty exercise program has been developed to increase the ability of each fire fighter to withstand the stresses of rigorous fire fighting, to reduce the incidence of bodily injury and to improve the overall health of personnel. Members are encouraged to fully use the in-station exercise equipment to improve their muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and aerobic capacity.


Facility No department facility
Physician Individual's Primary Care Physician
Additional Staff N/A
Exam Frequency Health insurance provides physical every two years
Exam Details Physician determined


IAFF/IAFC PFTs 30 certified PFTs
Duties Provide exercise guidance

Remedial exercise programs

Rehabilitation exercise programs

Exercise Time

On duty, one hour per shift

Exercise Program  
Equipment In each station

Three centralized facilities

Discounted gym memberships

Nutrition Counseling available

Core Muscle Strength Self Test

Fitness Assessment Program

Fit to Survive Summer 08

Health& Wellness Manual


Method Provided by Pension and Disability Fund

Fire Fighters see board MD then can choose from many providers in the community

Modified/Light Duty Yes
Injury Prevention Committee

Yes, PFTs, EMS Program Manager, and Safety Office

Behavioral Health

Method Extensive training upon hire and as needed
Stress Management


Cost Justification

Method Yes, use data from Oregon Health Science University's PHLAME study and Pension/Disability Fund stats

Since implementing the WFI in 2000, decreased injuries by 46 percent

The Economic Impact of the WFI by Dr. Kerry Kuehl

Data Collection

Method Variety of ways to track data
Data Collected Fitness Data-MicoFit and Excel spreadsheet

Immunizations-Stand alone database

Medical Charts contain initial medical exam, annual hearing, mask fit, immunization and exposure files


Physical Agility Test General Order

Physical Fitness Program "Fit to Survive" General Order

Summary of Wellness Program


Wellness Coordinator's Meeting Notes

Wellness Program Update