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District 10
Department Phoenix Fire Department
Members 2,000 All Career
Contact Information Andy Arredondo



The Phoenix Fire Department (PFD) Health Center is nationally recognized for its comprehensive approach to wellness and has been providing state-of-the art care to fire fighters since 1987. The history of the Health Center reflects a group of dedicated professionals who have consistently served the well-being of Phoenix Fire Department members. Initially, the Health Center was housed at a retired fire station, which was remodeled to accommodate annual physicals. After approximately one year, the Health Center started to manage work injuries and rechecks, including exposures to hazardous materials and infectious diseases. To date, the Phoenix Fire Department Health Center completes annual physicals on all of its members, which is a department requirement. 

Funding for the health center is part of the fire department budget. In addition, the facility has Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) with 17 outlying fire departments to provide annual physical and surveillance at a contracted rate. The revenue generated from these outlying cities goes back into the City of Phoenix general fund to help offset costs.

It is the intent of the Health Center to restore the health of any department member who has been subjected to injury, illness or exposure. It is also the intent of the Health Center to strengthen individuals to withstand both the physical and emotional aspects of the job. Specialized programs have been developed to address basic health and wellness issues, industrial exposures exposure incidents and behavioral health. 

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Facility In house health center
Physician Contract with Banner Occupational Health for medical staffing:

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) Medical Director

Physicians - (1) full-time; (4)part-time

Physician Assistants - (2) full-time; (2) part-time

Additional Staff Some staffing requirements are fulfilled utilizing fire fighters on an overtime basis or providing injured fire fighters with an alternate duty position.

Program Manager

Registered nurse - (2) full-time; (1) part-time

Xray Technician

Medical assistant

Infection Control Officer

Exposure Control Officer

Exam Frequency Annual - department requirement
Exam Details Annual Physical Components

Annual Health Review Form

Annual Health History

Infection Control Program



Duties Fire fighter consults

Training Academy


Department classes

Exercise Time

Yes - minimum of 1 hour on-duty

Exercise Program Health education

Tobacco cessation training

Individual programs upon request

Equipment All fire stations are equipped with aerobic equipment and various resistance and weight training equipment depending on station size and number of crew members
Nutrition Contracted registered dietitian upon health center physicians referral only

Nutritional counseling

Diet and weight management

Brown Bag Lunch Program

Healthy Recipes

Health Center Overview

Fitness Program & Workout Documents

Health, Fitness & Safety Symposium

Here's to Your Health Videos and Newsletters

Fitness Equipment Request Process

Fitness Equipment List and Guidelines

Fitness Equipment Repair Request Form

Tier 4 Program


Method Contracted

Functional movement mobility screenings offered during annual physical

Fire Rehabilitation Program

Modified/Light Duty Alternate Duty Program

Industrial leave management

Injury Prevention Committee



Behavioral Health

Method Family counseling

Alcohol and drug abuse counseling

Friends helping Friends Program

Stress Management


Phoenix Fire Department Alcohol and Substance Abuse Education, Awareness, Treatment & Prevention Program


Cost Justification

Method Track worker's comp claims cost/savings and lost time of work hours through the City of Phoenix Safety Division


Data Collection

Method Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Data Collected Medical Database - data collected and entered into system by medical staff during the fire fighter's annual physical exam

Fingerprint recognition check-in used for EMR

Exposure Control Database


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Risk of Sudden Death from Cardiovascular Disease FEMA Grant Study