IAFF Local Austin Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 975
District 11
Department Austin Fire Department
Members 1,150 All Career
Contact Information Jill Craig


In 1995, the Austin Fire Department (AFD) began providing full medical exams to all new hires, all members promoted to a higher rank and all special operation team members. Once in the rotation, individuals continued to receive annual medical exams, building each year on the number of exams given. These initial exams were outsourced to an occupational medical group.

In 1996 the AFD began developing and administering its first department-wide fitness assessments usiing a contracted Wellness-Fitness Coordinator. The position was approved as a full-time employee of the AFD in 1997. By a provision introduced into the labor contract by the union, the Wellness and Fitness program would be directed by a civilian subject matter expert. The Wellness-Fitness Coordinator performed fitness assessments, developed exercise programs and offered nutrition counseling. During the first year, assessments were delivered in the station while members were on duty. By the second year, the AFD began placing the units out of service as members were brought to a central site for the annual assessment.

In 2004, the AFD received an Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) grant, which it used to establish the AFD medical clinic. The AFD now operates a full-time clinic with a staff of seven, including a physician, an rR/administrator, two exercise physiologists, one exercise physiologist/sports medicine specialist, a records clerk and an administrative assistant.

Facility In-house
Physician In-house
Additional Staff


Exercise Physiologist (2)

Exercise Physiologist/Sports Medicine Specialist

Records Clerk

Administrative Assistant

Exam Frequency Annual

<40 submaximal treadmill test

40+ maximal treadmill test with ECG

Exam Details Full WFI Exam See attached document

Medical Exams Fitness Program
Annual Medical Physicals Announcement


IAFF/IAFC PFT's +/- 20
Duties Physical fitness for recruits

CPAT orientation and proctor

Exercise Time

On duty

Exercise Program Fitness consultation

Personal training

CrossFit training

Yoga training

Kettlebell training

Equipment Treadmills, bikes and weights at each station
Nutrition Counseling by appointment

Exercise Equipment Specifications
Fitness Policy
Functional Movement Screenings Bulletin
Wellness Center Information
WFI Standard Operating Guidelines


Method Injury rehabilitation post medical discharge through wellness clinic as needed and injury prevention program via department-wide functional movement screenings
Modified/Light Duty Yes

Behavioral Health

Method In-house Psychologist
Stress Management


Cost Justification

Method Track worker's comp claims cost/savings and lost time of work hours through Worker's Comp and Safety Office

Workers' Compensation Memo

Data Collection

Method None, but have commitment from the fire chief to purchase

Track by hand as needed; medical files maintained by civilians


Fire Act Grant Narrative