IAFF Local Narragansett Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1589
District 3
Department Narragansett Fire Department
Members 35 All Career
Contact Information Joe Volpe


In 2005, under the Department of Homeland Securityís Office of Domestic Preparedness, the Narragansett Fire Department was awarded funding via the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. In 2006, the Narragansett Fire Department embarked on the exciting challenge of developing itís first ever Wellness/Fitness program (WFP). The grant provided for much needed safety and fitness equipment and the tools necessary to begin the process. In order to implement the WFP, the NFD appropriated space for equipment, accommodated on duty time, and trained one member to serve as a certified Peer Fitness Trainer. These efforts have been instrumental in developing the departmentís wellness philosophy: a holistic approach encompassing fitness, injury rehabilitation, behavioral health, and education. As part of the departmentís efforts to stay current with the latest exercise science and wellness trends, it has developed partnerships with various local fitness and medical professionals using both outsourced and in-house fitness and rehabilitation programs.

The WFP has changed the exercise, nutrition, and behavioral patterns of all of the participating members.  The increased level of efficiency and stamina of fire fighters has led to a reduction in on duty injuries and shortened rehabilitation time when an injury has occurred.  This is especially valuable for small departments where man power issues can leave personnel even further strained.  An added benefit of the WFP has been increased moral, increased socialization of members of the department, and increased fundraising for many local charities in our community.  While physical and mental wellness of our fire fighters is a worthwhile cause, the participants are also having fun while accomplishing this goal, further contributing to the program's success.

Facility South County Hospital
Physician Department physician
Additional Staff

1 assistant to the PFT (uncertified)

Exam Frequency Annually
Exam Details Medical Exam Survey



Duties Oversee all fitness and rehabilitation programs

Collect fitness data for all individuals participating in the program

Coordinate behavioral health consultations

Facilitate all wellness and nutritional education

Organize all fitness/fundraising events and competitions for the department

Exercise Time

On duty (1 hour daily when possible) and off duty time allocated; minimum 3-4 days per week

Exercise Program Cardiovascular, muscular endurance and strength training programs such as Cross Fit and Kettle bell programs

Many cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, cycling, running, rowing and stair climbing encouraged

Equipment Full Smith machine, Kettlebells, Bosu balls, medicine balls, free weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines
Nutrition Outsourced educational programs through Muni Blue (Blue Cross); diabetes education through Muni Blue



Method In-house programs designed by Peer Fitness Trainer

Outsourced programs such as South County Hospital Cardiopulmonary rehab

Modified/Light Duty N/A
Injury Prevention Committee Town Safety Committee meets monthly

Behavioral Health

Method Member access to CISD, EAP
EAP EAP available through the town of Narragansett
Stress Management

See above

Cost Justification

Method Tracking of on-duty injuries and rehabilitation time by Safety Committee and department PFT

Wellness Program Saves City Money

Data Collection

Method Individual fitness data collected by PFT

Chart form and Excel program


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