IAFF Local Mesa Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 2260
District 10
Department Mesa Fire Department
Members 400 All Career
Contact Information Fred King,



In 1989 (approximately), the Mesa Fire Department started a wellness program which included fitness and medical screenings of members. In 1999, the Mesa Fire Department and Local 2260 implemented the IAFF/IAFC Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative in an effort to maximize the health and fitness of our members. As a result of our membership accepting the WFI, our membersí efficiency, effectiveness, and performance increased. Injuries and illnesses decreased as well, due to the overall improvement in our membersí wellness.

Mesa fire fighters are offered comprehensive medical and fitness exams annually. The exams are performed in a confidential setting where the member is examined by and given the opportunity for consultation with a physician. These exams have proven their worthiness time and time again by early detection of medical issues that could have gone undetected for years, been life threatening when found and costly for the member and the city.

Mesa Fire Department has and continues to understand the importance of this program and supports it through resources and funding. Currently this program is under the Operations Personnel and Wellness division and is managed by a Division Chief, Fire Captain, and two administrative assistants. The department's commitment to providing the appropriate equipment, space, accommodation of on-duty workout time, and access to Wellness team Peer Fitness Trainers has been instrumental in the improvement of our membersí health and the service we provide.


Facility Contracted - Banner Occupational Health Clinic for Pre-hire and annual medical exams, industrial injuries, and industrial exposures
Physician Occupational Health doctors who are familiar with fire fighters' job responsibilities, NFPA standards and OSHA requirements
Additional Staff Clinic management, records and accounting staff, PAs, RN's, and techs
Exam Frequency Annual as required by department SOPs
Exam Details WFI exam  see attached document

Medical Exam Requirements


IAFF/IAFC PFT's 31 wellness team members with various certifications in wellness and fitness including 17 PFTs
Duties Promotion of fitness, fitness evaluations, recruit physical training, CPAT administration, fire fighter one-on-one consults, and department wellness training
Exercise Time

Yes - minimum of one and a half hours per shift, on-duty

Exercise Program Crossfit, Ultimate Frisbee, work hardening circuits, and standard cardiovascular and strength training
Equipment All fire stations are equipped with aerobic equipment and various resistance and weight training equipment depending on station size and number of crew members. When a stationís fitness facility is not adequate for the crews assigned there the department will purchase gym memberships to a gym in the area that members can use on shift only.
Nutrition Information provided through video presentations, wellness team interactions, training, medical exams, and our quarterly wellness newsletter


Method Banner Occupational Health, specialty doctors and physical therapy offices
Modified/Light Duty Yes - coordinated by the Emergency Services Captain
Injury Prevention Committee Each Captain is responsible for the safety of their crew.  Each battalion has a Battalion Safety Office that reviews injuries and accidents for training opportunities. 

Behavioral Health

Method Department Chaplain, CISM team and Employee Assistance Program
Stress Management


Cost Justification

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Data Collection

Method Medical files are maintained electronically by the contracted medical provider.  Fitness data is maintained by the department using our firehouse records program


Wellness Program SOPs