An effective stress management program can significantly enhance individual job performance by minimizing job-related and personal stresses.  Stress management programs can be made available within the department, through outside sources, or from internal clinical services.  Such programs may utilize self-management, trained peer-based programs, or professional sources of help.  The various programs should be dependent upon the degree of stress and type of assistance that is required.  Stress management programs for uniformed personnel should address issues such as:  job stress; family relations; financial or legal concerns; and personal concerns or fears related to issues such as infectious disease exposure or post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The table below contains information on each department's stress management program.  Right-click on the table to export this information to an Excel spreadsheet.


Austin Yes
Calgary Yes
Charlotte Yes
Fairfax Co. Crisis Response Team

Behavior Health Coordinator

On scent traumatic stress management

Indianapolis CISD Team
Los Angeles Co. Yes
Metro Dade Co. N/A
New York City Counseling Services Unit (CSU)
Phoenix Yes
Seattle 4 member Fire Dept. CISM Team, City EAP Programs
Beckley N/A

Dallas Area Crisis Response Team is available for providing CISM coverage for department members

CFD and CPD have on-call Chaplains available

Council Bluffs N/A
Lewiston N/A
Mesa Department Chaplain, CISM team and Employee Assistance Program
Narragansett Member access to CISD, EAP
Orange Co. Fire Authority Yes
Portland Yes
Port Moody CISM handled by Fire Department Padre
Prince George's Co. Health care provider and County program
San Diego Yes - through EAP
Snohomish County Fire District 1 N/A
Tualatin Valley

The Behavioral Health Specialist is well-versed in critical incident stress management/debriefing

Chaplain program