Behavioral health assistance, treatment and therapy should be provided through the individual's health insurance plan or through the department's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Counseling services can help promote a well balanced life to uniformed personnel on a wide variety of issues.  Having resources and a program available to uniformed personnel will help to establish a holistic approach to establishing and maintaining a healthy mind-body connection, which will assist in having a well-balanced, high-performing individual in the work place.  Having access to comprehensive counseling services is an integral part of the Wellness-Fitness Initiative, as well as many of the performance-based issues that exist in the fire service. 

An EAP is essentially a cost effective, humanitarian, job-based strategy to help individuals whose personal problems impact their work performance.  Such programs are designed to assist with identifying and resolving problems that are associated with an individual's occupation.  The EAP should be incorporated into the concept of total wellness and address potential concerns specific to the fire service.  An effective EAP can restore the uniformed personnel to a healthy and fully productive life, improve employee morale, and increase the productivity of the entire department.

Assistance programs can address a wide range of issues pertaining to the health and well-being of active and retired uniformed personnel, as well as their families.  The scope of problems an EAP deals with may include areas such as:  substance abuse issues; addictive behaviors; stress; marital concerns; family and child issues; domestic violence; anger managment; legal and financial problems; critical incident stress (including post-traumatic stress disorder); cumulative stress; workplace violence; and dealth/grief counseling.

The table below includes a brief summary of each department's EAP program.  Right-click on the table to export this information to an Excel spreadsheet.


Austin Yes In-house Psychologist
Calgary Yes Contracted Facility and Physician - Dr. of Psychology
Charlotte Yes In-house Psychologist
Fairfax Co. Yes External program; self and supervisor-suggested referral, or supervisor-performance referral
Indianapolis Yes Contracted - White River Psychology
Los Angeles Co. Yes Fire Fighter on own
Metro Dade Co. N/A N/A
New York City Yes In house Counseling Services Unit (CSU)
Phoenix Yes Family counseling

Alcohol and drug abuse counseling

Friends helping Friends Program

Seattle Yes City EAP

24 hour access to two SFD Chaplains for emergency support

Beckley Yes N/A
Carrollton Yes Provided by Workforce Services Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Council Bluffs Yes City has an EAP program that members can be referred to or contact on their own
Lewiston Yes Contracted Mental Health Provider
Mesa Yes Department Chaplain, CISM team and Employee Assistance Program
Narragansett Yes EAP available through the town of Narragansett
Orange Co. Fire Authority Yes On own or referred by Management
Portland Yes Extensive training upon hire and as needed
Port Moody Yes Fire Department Padre available 24 hrs/365 days

EAP Program managed by Interlock

Prince George's Co. Yes EAP Program

Education in station

San Diego Yes N/A
Snohomish County Fire District 1 Yes Behavioral Health Evaluation
Tualatin Valley Yes EAP program managed by Reliant Behavioral Health