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Scott AV 3000 Facepiece Lens Frame Cracking

The IAFF has been notified by Charles Adkins of IAFF Local 3478, Salem Professional Fire Fighters (Virginia) of problems with their Scott AV 3000 facepiece lens frames. The problem was also seen in Mesa, Arizona Local 2260 and Manassas Park, Local 2757. Apparently, normal use of this facepiece causes cracking in the lens frame which can interfere with the ability to achieve proper sealing of the mask to the users face. Lack of a proper seal can cause a fire fighter to be exposed to the hazards of the IDLH atmosphere without proper protection.

The problem begins with cracks in the frame assembly as pictured below.

The problem progresses to a total failure of the frame as pictured below.

The problem has caused Scott to issue the following safety notice. Click here to view the Scott Safety Notice The IAFF Department of Health, Safety, and medicine is working with Scott and the NIOSH Respiratory Protection Laboratory to investigate and correct this problem.

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