1:00 PM
Welcome and Opening Remarks
1:15 PM
Karl Johnson - Project Manager GASB
Presentation: The history, requirements and content of GASB Statement 45, and guidance on criteria used by consultants when preparing reports on the implementation of GASB 45.
1:50 PM

Richard Johnson, The Segal Company
Consultants for Local Government
Presentation: How consultants determine the amount of local government liability for other post-employment benefits, including actuarial assumptions.

2:25 PM

Geoffrey Buswick, Standard and Poor's
Presentation: The impact of implementation of GASB 45 on a jurisdiction's bond rating.

3:00 PM

Mary Beth Braitman, ICEMiller
Presentation: The establishment of tax-favored retiree health plans and options available.

3:45 PM

Janet Smith - Personnel Director, City of Phoenix
Presentation: The local municipal government's perspective on the impact of GASB 45.

4:10 PM

Dr. Reed Tuckson - United Health Care
Presentation: The larger picture for reducing health care costs through lifestyle change in order to reduce overall health care costs and potential monetary liability associated with GASB 45.

4:30 PM

Audience Q & A

5:00 PM