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On behalf of the entire membership of the IAFF, it is our pleasure to welcome new affiliates to the organization. The IAFF is the largest trade union of professional fire fighters and emergency medical/rescue workers in the world. We are confident, in the days ahead, you will come to realize the many benefits of this affiliation as we strive together to improve your salaries and working conditions.


NEW LOCALS in 2013


Local 4973

Rock Creek Fire Fighters
President: Brent Blamires
4 members
Kimberly, ID

Local 4974
Elsmere Professional Fire Fighters
Jeremy Sheehan
7 members
Elsmere, KY

Local 4975

Howe Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Eric Hoy
4 members
Howe, TX

Local 4976
Olivehurst Public Utility District Fire Department
President: Jason Bellinger
4 members
Olivehurst, CA

Local 4977

Grayslake Professional Fire Fighters
President: David Torkilsen
22 members
Grayslake, IL

Local 4979
Pierce Township Professional Fire Fighters
President: Jeffrey Hill
14 members
Pierce Township, OH


Local 4967

Winter Haven Professional Fire Fighters
President: Jeffrey Hancock
51 members
Winter Haven, FL

Local 4968
Burrillville Professional Fire Fighters
Donald E. Pariseau, Jr.
8 members
Burrillville, RI

Local 4969

Madisonville Association of Fire Fighters
President: Kevin Hanhart
24 members
Madisonville, LA

Local 4970
District 7 Fire Rescue
President: Jake Leonard
16 members
San Antonio, TX

Local 4971

MacArthur Airport Fire Rescue
President: Albert Cinotti
19 members
Town of Islip, NY

Local 4945
Smithville Area Fire Fighters
President: Nick Traub
9 members
Smithville, MO

Local 4972

Diamond Springs/ El Dorado Fire
President: Patrick Easton
11 members
Diamond Springs/ El Dorado, CA



Local 2258

Lansing Township Fire Department
President: Dan Friedly
15 members
Township of Lansing, MI

Local 4742
Apple Valley Professional Fire Fighters Association
James B. Peratt
28 members
Apple Valley, CA

Local 4952

Morton Paramedics
President: Jeremy Meritt
12 members
Morton, IL

Local 4962
Grand Blanc Professional Fire Fighters Union
President: Jeremy Oxford
4 members
Grand Blanc, MI

Local 4963

Western Berks Professional Fire
President: Chad Mundell
4 members
Western Berks, PA

Local 4964
Pearland Professional Fire Fighters
President: Eric Welch
27 members
Pearland, TX

Local 4965

Tri-County Fire Fighters
President: Kevin Sell
4 members
Pasco, WA



Local 4958

Smith County Professional Fire Fighters ESD #2
President: Ryan Cobb
3 members
Winona, TX

Local 4959
Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association
Faye Smyth
188 members
New York, NY

Local 4961

Mills Professional Fire Fighters
President: Ross Trotter
8 members
Mills, WY




Local 4953

Cedar Professional Fire Fighters
President: Timothy Johnson
3 members
Cedar, MI

Local 4954
Plainsboro Professional Fire Fighters Association
Matthew Collins
4 members
Plainsboro, NJ

Local 4955

Stratmoor Hills Fire Department
President: Brad Aragon
5 members
Cedar, MI

Local 4956
Hamilton County EMS Association
Jay Mack
8 members
Aurora, NE

Local 4957

Hubbardston Professional Fire Fighters
President: Martin Scott
3 members
Hubbardston, MA



Local 2844

Lower Merion Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Daniel Gilbert
13 members
Lower Merion Township, PA

Local 3237
Sulphur Springs Professional Fire Fighters Association
Danny Haywood
15 members
Sulphur Springs, TX

Local 4947

Winter Garden Professional Fire Fighters
President: Jason Schneider
33 members
Winter Garden, FL

Local 4950
St. Tammany Fire District #3 Association
Danny Haywood
9 members
Lacombe, LA

Local 4951

Colorado River Fire Fighters Association
President: Andrew Baker
18 members
Rifle, CO





Local 3933

Cleveland Fire Fighters
President: James Palkovich
4 members
Cleveland, OK

Local 4928
Pleasantville Fire Officers Association
Tom Wittland
10 members
Pleasantville, NJ

Local 4942

Professional Fire Fighters of Newport
President: Christopher Amos
4 members
Newport, NH

Local 4943
Ridley TWP Emergency Services Professional Association
President: Jon Dorman
24 members
Folsom, PA

Local 4944

Old Pueblo Fire Fighters Association
President: Felipe Torres
160 members
Tucson, AZ

Local 4948
Surfside Beach Professional Fire Fighters Association
Tom Zimpleman
3 members
Surfside, SC

Local 4949

Pantego Fire Fighters Association
President: William S. McGill
8 members
Pantego, TX



Local 4938

West Barnstable Professional Fire Fighters
President: Christopher J. Greim
5 members
West Barnstable, MA

Local 4939
Central Valley Fire Fighters
Christopher Dahlhauser
7 members
Belgrade, MT

Local 4940

Murrells Inlet Garden City Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: William Fancher
30 members
Murrells Inlet, SC

Local 4941
Oconomowoc Professional Fire Fighters
President: Adam May
5 members
Oconomowoc, WI


Local 4933

Southern Berks Professional EMS Providers
President: John Fekety
33 members
Reading, PA

Local 4934
North Lake Travis Fire Fighters Association
Lee Buckley
8 members
Lago Vista, TX

Local 4935

Spring Branch Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Brent Bridges
13 members
Spring Branch, TX

Local 4936
Mendon Permanent Fire Fighters Association
Michael Zarella
5 members
Mendon, MA

Local 4937

Travis County Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Xavier Moreno
4 members
Manor, TX



Local 4930

Richland Hills Fire Fighters Assoc.
President: Michael Irizarry
13 members
Richland, TX

Local 4931
North Versailles Prof. Fire Fighters
Brian Kelly
12 members
North Versailles, PA

Local 4932

Alexander Fire Fighters Association
President: Anthony Small
9 members
Alexandar, AR




Local 4926

Career Fire Fighters of Townsend, MA
President: David Mazza
3 members
Townsend, MA

Local 4929
DFW Airport Fire Fighters
William Piganelli
3 members
Dallas-Forth Worth, TX


NEW LOCALS in 2012



Local 4921

Madisonville Prof. Fire Fighters
President: Henry Strader
26 members
Madisonville, KY

Local 4922
Muscle Shoals Fire Fighters Association
Greg Kennedy
26 members
Muscle Shoals, AL

Local 4923

Wood River Fire Fighters
President: Mike Huntsman
8 members
Hailey, ID

Local 4924
Colonie Professional Fire Fighters Association
Gregory Fulfree
3 members
Latham, NY

Local 4925

Philomath Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Ray Hubbell
5 members
Philomath, OR

Local 4927
Warren Professional Fire Fighters
Aaron Floor
7 members
South Bend, IN



Local 4914

Ce-Bar Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Mark Frost
10 members
Austin, TX

Local 4917
Lewisburg Professional Fire Fighters and EMTs
Robert Ulrich
20 members
Lewisburg, PA

Local 4918

Oakland Township Fire Fighters Union
President: David Ludington
7 members
Oakland Township, MI

Local 4920
UC Davis Fire Fighters
Joseph Newman
21 members
Davis, CA



Local 4912

North Fond Du Lac Fire Fighter and EMT Association
President: Kyle Schweitzer
8 members
Village of North Fond Du Lac, WI

Local 4913
Fry Fire District
Bronson Lacaillade
35 members
Sierra Vista, AZ

Local 4915

Scott Township Fire Fighters
President: Matt Anderson
12 members
Inglefield, IN

Local 4916
Ocean Pines Professional Fire Fighters Association
Jamie Englishmen
10 members
Ocean Pines, MD

Local 4919

Southwick Fire Fighters
President: Caroline P. Bradbury
4 members
Southwick, MA




Local 2269

Dyersburg Fire Fighters Association
President: Jay Cryer
30 members
Dyersburg, TN

Local 2530
Marina Professional Fire Fighters Association
Glenn Sales
12 members
Marina, CA

Local 4908

Pascoag Fire and Rescue Association
President: Thomas M. Fagan
6 members
Pascoag, RI

Local 4909
Troy Professional Fire Fighters Association
Kyle Smicker
5 members
Troy, IL

Local 4910

Harrisville Fire Fighters Association
President: Norman D. Mainville
4 members
Harrisville, RI

Local 4911
Westminster Fire Fighters
Kyle S. Butterfield
6 members
Westminster, MA


Local 4906

Bellevue Professional Fire Fighters
President: Donald Gifford
8 members
Bellevue, NE

Local 4907
Fishers Professional Fire Fighters
President: Peter T. Ellison
3 members
Fishers, NY


Local 4888

Professional Fire Fighters of Derby
President: Carson Chatwell
14 members
Derby, KS

Local 4905
Abita Springs Professional Fire Fighters
President: Eric Bankston
12 members
Abita Springs, LA


Local 4904

Northampton Township Career Fire Fighters Association
President: Nicholas Pasqualone
4 members
Northampton Township, PA



Local 4902

Bedford County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics
President: Mark Carter
21 members
Bedford County, VA

Local 4903
Professional Fire Fighters of Hampden
President: Jared LeBarnes
9 members
Hampden, ME


Local 4896

Cresskill Uniformed Fire Fighters
President: William Oliver
3 members
Cresskill, NJ

Local 4897
Hillsborough Fire Marshals Association
President: John Yanko
6 members
Flagtown, NJ

Local 4898

Bayou Cane Professional Fire Fighters
President: Michael Morton
34 members
Houma, LA

Local 4899
Covington Fire Fighters Association
President: Joseph Ard
18 members
Covington, LA

Local 4900

United Fire Fighters of Karns
President: Perry Pruitt, Jr
8 members
Karns, TN

Local 4901
Mono County Paramedic Rescue Association
President: Bryan Bullock
24 members
Bridgeport, CA


Local 2325

Barstow Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Jamie Williams
18 members
Barstow, CA

Local 4890
Montgomery Township Professional Fire Fighters
President: Robert Hedden
13 members
Montgomery Township, PA

Local 4891

Scio Township Professional Fire Fighters Union
President: Daniel Burke
4 members
Scio Township, MI

Local 4892
Park City Fire
President: Brent Cannon
20 members
Park City, UT

Local 4893

Solano County Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: Jeromy Nottingham
4 members
Vacaville, CA

Local 4895
Columbia County Professional Fire Fighters Association
President: James McCabe
16 members
Lake City, FL


Local 4885

Professional Paramedics of
Johnson County

President: Mar Otroszko
62 members
Johnson County, KS

Local 4886
Queen Anne's County Emergency
Service Association
President: Debra Hopkins
17 members
Centreville, MD

Local 4887

Monroe Township Professional
Fire Fighters

President: Matthew Carey
3 members
Bethel, OH

Local 4889
130th Professional Fire Fighters
President: Justin Wine
15 members
Charleston, WV




USAF Plant 42 Federal Fire Fighters
President: Nicolas Sueverkruepp
28 members
Palmdale, CA

Local 4878
Rutland Professional Fire Fighters Assn.
President: Bradford Bemis
6 members
Rutland, MA

Local 4882

West Dundee Professional
Fire Fighters

President: James Amos
7 members
West Dundee, IL

Local 4884
Coal City Fire Fighters Union
President: W. Brandon Rinker
9 members
Coal City, IL


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