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Massachusetts Local President Deployed to Iraq

Springfield, MA Local 648 President Dave Wells (left) relieves Herrin, IL Local 3251 member Roger Miller (right) in Kirkuk.

September 30, 2008 – Springfield, MA Local 648 President Dave Wells is among the latest to be deployed to Iraq. Wells is a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves. His unit is stationed at the Kirkuk Regional Air Base.

While in Kirkuk, Wells is serving as fire chief, managing 39 fire fighters, many of whom are also IAFF members. Wells and other fire fighters there are staffing three fire stations – 48 hours on, 24 hours off. Additionally, they are responsible for training Iraqi fire fighters from the Iraqi Air Force and the City of Kurkuk.

“You can hear the sounds of war all around you, which is definitely a unique experience,” says Wells. “We are staying busy and remain focused on our mission. Additionally, I’m getting a lot of support from my brother and sister fire fighters back home, which is greatly appreciated.”

Updates from Wells will be posted on the Local 648 web site.

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