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Norwich Local Member Leaves Family In Trusted Hands

August 22, 2005 - Norwich, CT Local 892 member Len Burgmyer has been serving in Iraq for almost a year.

While away from his wife and children, Burgmyer is thankful that he his fellow fire fighters are looking after them. Since Burgmyer left, Local 892 has been active in sending him care packages and even brought his children gifts on Christmas.

“Just knowing that they are there for me and my family has given me some peace of mind since I have been deployed,” says Burgmyer. Burgmyer serves as the physician’s assistant in Beyji, Iraq, for a Massachusetts National Guard Unit in a medical aid station that supports 3,000 sick patients and 250 traumas.

Burgmyer has met several other IAFF members in Iraq, from Newport, Rhode Island, to New York City. He says, “We have a common bond and develop a quick friendship. We are soldiers and fire fighters, brothers in arms.”

While in Iraq, Burgmyer shows his pride by displaying IAFF stickers on his company’s ambulance. “I am so proud to be a member of Local 892 and the United States Army,” he says.

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