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IAFF Members Help Secure a Free Iraq

January 31, 2005 - Lieutenant David Paul of Troy, NY Local 86 and a member of the New York State Air National Guard is photographed on election day in Iraq with 15 other IAFF members – all serving as fire fighters on the largest military installation in Iraq. IAFF members deployed here represent Virginia (Chesterfield County Local 2803 and Henrico County Local 1568), Ohio (Coshocton Local 216 and Springfield, Local 333), New York (Troy Local 86), Rhode Island (Smithfield Local 2050 and Newport Local F100), Connecticut (Groton Local F219) and Arizona (Tucson Local 479).

From left, front row: Scott Ward (Local 2803); A.J. Smith (Local 2803); Captain C.D. Throckmorton (Local 2803); Frank Shoemaker (Local 86); Dan Faust (Local 333), Bill Swecker (Local 479); and Kevin McNamee (Local 2803); Back row, from left: Steve Conley (Local 1568); Rick Chappell (Local 1568); Lieutenant David Paul (Local 86); Captain Tom Miter (Local 86); Dean Bossieux (Local 1568); Brian Stiteler (Local 216); Nick Brown (Local F100); and John Coyne (Local 2050).

Not pictured: Keith Knudsen (Local F219), who was injured during a structure fire on base on January 18. He was airlifted to Kuwait for treatment and evaluation, and will return to light duty on base in February.


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