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Fire Fighters In Iraq

Fire fighters and U.S. Army soldiers pose in Mosul, Iraq for a group photo at Camp Diamondback Airstrip.

This IAFF Firehouse is located in Iraq where IAFF members (front row) Jason Zych, Onalaska, WI Local 4169; Greg Boggs, Chicago, IL Local 2; James Long, Hoffman Estates, IL Local 2061; Charles Jackson, Collierville, TN Local 3864; (second row) Che GQ Stedman, Madison, WI, Local 311; James Caroll (RET) Memphis, TN Local 1784; Paul Rosholt, St. Louis Park, MN Local 993; Doug Nelson, Burnsville, MN Local 2910, Daniel Belovarac, Madison, WI Local 311; (third row) Scott Schumaker, Albert Lea, MN Local 1041; Daniel McBennett, Lorrain, OH, Local 267; and Korliss Dillard, Memphis, TN Local 1784 are stationed.



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