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On behalf of the entire membership of the IAFF, it is our pleasure to welcome new affiliates to the organization. The IAFF is the largest trade union of professional fire fighters and emergency medical/rescue workers in the world. We are confident, in the days ahead, you will come to realize the many benefits of this affiliation as we strive together to improve your salaries and working conditions.



Local 4445
Bartow Professional Fire Fighters, GA
25 members
President Michael Patterson

Local 4480
Palos Professional fire Fighters, IL
15 members
President Michael Patti

Local 4455
Pauls Valley Professional Fire Fighters, OK
6 members
President Marcus Hamilton

Local 4481
Burnsville Fire Supervisors, MN
7 members
President Russ Lalim

Local 1622
Fallbrook Fire Fighters Association, CA
49 members
President Steven Marovich


Local 4449
Maple Ridge Fire Fighters, BC
8 members
President: James Sinclair

Local 2178
Fire Fighters Association of Morton Grove, IL
36 members
President: Steven Kunzie

Local 4475
Grand Haven Township Professional Fire Fighters, MI
6 members
President: Bryce Dennings

Local 4478
Medfield Permanent Fire Fighters Association, MA
8 members
President Scott Donahue


Local 4469
Margaretta Township Professional Fire Fighters, OH
6 members
President: Russell Zura, Sr.

Local 4473
Bellows Falls Professional Fire Fighters, VT
4 members
President: Wayne Thomas

Local 4457
Westside Professional Fire Fighters Association, B.C.
7 members
President: Trevor Bredin

Local 4472
Steamboat Springs Fire – Rescue, CO
11 members
President: Chuck Cerasoli

Local 4468
Willard Fire , OH
3 members
President: Max Helton

Local 4467
Saltspring Island Fire Fighters Association, BC
4 members
President: Jamie Holmes

Local 4474
Hillside Fire Fighters Association, IL
18 members
President: Marco DeVito

Local 4337
Flagler County Professional Fire Fighters Association, Inc. FL
59 members
President: Charles Blum



Local 4463
Professional Fire Fighters of Shelby, NC
33 members
President: Donnie Henderson

Local 4464
Bossier Parish EMS Association, LA
12 members
President: Larry Hadley

Local F - 0309
Concord Federal Professional Fire Fighters, CA
19 members
President: Steven M. Cline

Local 4470
Maplewood Fire Fighters, MN
6 members
President: Richard P. Dawson

Local 4471
Central Kentucky Emergency Services Professionals, KY
12 members
President: Chip Little

Local 1718
Brunswick Professional Fire Fighters, ME
25 members
President: David Douglass, Jr.

Local 4465
Murphy Professional Fire Fighters Association, TX
3 members
President: Phillip Megee

Local 4466
The City of Manassas Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics, VA
6 members
President: Stephanie Shipko

Local 1829
Paradise Fire Fighters, CA
20 members
President: Curtis Lawrie



Local 4452
San Pasqual Reservation Fire Department, CA
12 members
President: Ron Pasquesi

Local 3661
University Park Professional Fire Fighters Association, IL
13 members
President: Jeffrey A. Duhoski

Local 4450
Anderson City Fire Fighters, SC
28 members
President: Roger K. Odachowski

Local 4456
Midland Professional Fire Fighters, AL
5 members
President: Steve Lint

Local 4460
Spring Garden Township Professional Fire Fighters Association, PA
15 members
President: Lee Sowers

Local 4461
Peninsula Fire Fighters, CA
7 members
President: Paul Doerr 

Local 4454
Blackfoot Fire Fighters, ID
22 members
President: Ben Hirschi

Local 4441
Newkirk Professional Fire Fighters Association, OK
5 members
President: Tim Walker

Local 4429
Mantua- Shalersville Professional Fire Fighters, OH
7 members
President: Michael Pender

Local 4453
Maumelle Professional Fire Fighters Assoc., AR
13 members
President: Drew Nichols

Local 4459
Orting Fire Fighters, WA
3 members
President: Jason Howton

Local 4458
South Beloit Professional Fire Fighters Assoc., IL
3 members
President: Gregory Snow

Local 4462
West Valley Fire Fighters Association, AZ
18 members
President: Chris Ader


Local 4451
Oakdale Rural Fire District, CA
8 members
President: Michael C. Tobin



Local 4442
Vanderburgh County Professional Fire Fighters, IN
4 members
President: James Pfister III

Local 4081
Burton Professional Fire Fighters Association, SC
9 members
President: Thomas F. Cooper, Jr.

Local 4443
South Ogden, UT
4 Members
President: Cameron West


Local 4438
King George County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics, VA
11 members
President: Steven Reedal

Local 4437
UC Fire Fighters, CA
40 members
President: Troy Souza

Local 4446
Snohomish County Fire Fighters #5, WA
3 Members
President: Timothy Tullis

Local I-79
Moffett Field Fire Fighters Association, CA
36 members
President: Dominic DeSantis

Local 1475
Coronado Fire Fighters Association, CA
27 members
President: Mark Price  

Local F0308
U. S. Capitol Police Hazardous Materials Response Team Members Association, D.C.
19 members
President: David Donohue

Local 4440
McNeil Island Fire Officers, WA
6 members
President Greg Miller

Local 4439
Brattleboro Professional Fire Fighters, VT
22 members
President: Leonard A. Howard III


Local 4435
Oakbrook Terrace Professional Fire Fighters Assoc., IL
7 members
President: James Vejvoda

Local 4436
Sweet Home Fire Fighters, OR
7 members
President: Kenneth Weld

Local 4432
West Yellowstone Fire Fighters, MT
4 members
President: Robert Glenn

Local 4428
Central Saanich Fire Fighters, BC
3 members
President: Art Curry

Local 4434
Wildwood Crest Uniformed Emergency Services Association, NJ
6 members
President: Cornelius Maxwell

Local 4447
Cowlitz 5 Professional Fire Fighters, WA
6 members
President: Richard VanRiper


Local 4427
South Lake Tahoe Firemen's Association, Inc. CA
33 members
President: Roger Koeck

Local 4430
Plantation Professional Paramedics and EMT's, Fl
22 members
President: Jeffrey Poole

Local 4421
Pawtucket Fire Fighters, RI
144 members
President: Robert Neill, Jr.

Local 4431
Shelbyville Fire Department, KY
14 members
President: Troy D. Witt

Local 4402
Sulphur Professional Fire Fighters Association, OK
8 members
President: Dayton Carl Burnside

Local 4433
South County EMS Professionals, CA
15 members
President: Jim Ayers


Local 4388
Millstone Township Uniformed Fire Fighters Association
New Jersey
4 members
President: Tim Byrne

Local 4424
El Medio Fire Fighters, CA
6 members
President: David Hilson

Local 3975
Hudson County Fire Dispatchers, NJ
12 members
President: Deborah Peek

Local 4426
Caddo Parish Fire District #6, LA
4 members
President: Kevin Talmadge

Local 4423
Professional Fire Fighters of North Charleston, SC
49 members
President: Gary Melton

Local 4408
Mt. Laurel Professional Fire Fighters and EMT's, NJ
48 members
President: Thomas Cimino, Jr.

Local 3600
Atascadero City Fire Fighters, CA
17 members
President Casey Bryson

Local 4422
Greenfield Township Fire Fighters, OH
6 members
President: John Schwinne, II


Local 4414
Jonesboro Firemen's Association
Jonesboro, LA
4 members
President: David Roberts

Local 4415
Boulder Rural Fire Fighters Association, CO
7 members
President: Craig LoSasso

Local 4392
United Professional Fire Fighters of Derry, NH
81 members
President: Garry Williams 

Local 4418
Grant County Fire Fighters, WA
4 members
President: Brandon Burns

Local 305
Irvington Professional Fire Fighters Union, NJ
98 members
President: Miguel Lima

Local 4420
Pasco County Professional Fire Fighters, FL
88 members
President: Ralph Grant

Local 4417
Christiana Uniformed Fire Fighters Association, DE
10 members
President: John Finnegan

Local 4419
Litchfield County Fire/EMS Dispatchers Union
8 members
President: Kevin Webb



Alaska Professional Fire Fighters 

President: Mark Drygas

Local 4416
Hamilton County Professional Fire Fighters Union
324 members
President: Anthony L. Murray 

Local F-0307
Mechanicsburg Professional Federal Fire Fighters, PA
8 members
President: John Ramstad

Local 4341
Glenwood Springs Professional Fire Fighters
Glenwood Springs, CO
18 members
President: Chris Bornholdt

Local 4413
Emergency Service Professional of Walton County, FL
18 members
President: Robert L. Daniel


Local 4396 Professional Fire Fighters of Marathon, FL
12 Members
President: Joseph Oforcine

Local 4404
Auburn Hills Professional Fire Fighters Union
Auburn Hills, Michigan
13 members
President: John Hering

Local 4407
Windsor Professional Fire Fighters Association
Windsor, CA
6 members
President: Ron Busch

Local 4411
Rye Permanent Fire Fighters Association
Rye, NH
8 members
President: David Kornechuk

Local 4412
Mascoutah EMS
Mascoutah, IL
5 members
President: Jeremy Brown

Local 4347
Deland Professional Fire Fighters
Deland, FL
13 Members
President: Michael Vasquez

Local 4405
Professional Fire Fighters Association of Midland Midland, Texas
125 Members
President: Lee Wise

Local 4406
Danville Professional Fire Fighters
Danville, IN
9 members
President: Steve Hartsock

Local 4409
Lake Valley Professional Fire Fighters Association
South Lake Tahoe, CA
19 members
President: Andy Kaufer

Local 4410
Richfield Fire Fighters
Richfield, Ohio
9 members
President: Don Zito


Local 2728
Lemon Grove Fire Fighters
Lemon Grove, CA
17 Members
President: Daryn Drum
Local 4403
Arroyo Grande Career Fire Fighters
Arroyo Grande, CA
6 members
President: Randy Steffan



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