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‘Fire Fighters for Kathy Taylor’ Bus Promotes Bid for Tulsa Mayor

October 23, 2013 – Fire fighters have hit the road for Kathy Taylor, candidate for mayor of the City of Tulsa.

The gold-and-black “Fire Fighters for Kathy Taylor” bus is touring throughout Tulsa until Election Day, November 12, to help build support for Taylor, a former mayor of Tulsa who has already demonstrated her commitment to public safety and to fire fighters.

“Kathy trusts fire fighters on decisions about public safety. Kathy knows politicians aren’t qualified to make decisions by themselves in a back room,” says IAFF 11th District Vice President Sandy McGhee,

The bus is being driven by retired Tulsa fire fighters. Incumbent Mayor Dewey Bartlett has literally placed a gag order on Tulsa fire fighters to keep them from speaking up about the race for mayor.

But Bartlett can’t keep all fire fighters quiet and he won’t stop the bus, which is circling Tulsa and cruising around landmarks or events where crowds are. Last week, the Fire Fighters for Kathy Taylor bus took several laps around the BOK Center in Tulsa where the NBA Thunder played the New Orleans Pelicans. On October 22, the bus parked at City Hall.

Bartlett rejected a Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant that would have improved staffing within the Tulsa Fire Department and refuses to even consider future grants for more fire fighters. When she was mayor, Kathy Taylor fought to preserve staffing and oversaw the opening of two new stations in underserved Tulsa neighborhoods.

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