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Six Fire Fighters Join Trenton Local 2701 Thanks to SAFER Grant

Front row from left: Fire Fighter Joe Jergovich, Mayor Kyle Stack and Fire Fighter Tony Damiani. Back row from left: Fire Chief Bruce Vick, Fire Fighters Jeff Glowacki, Ryan Long, Gary Rucinski and Kevin Griswold, and Local 2701 President Rick Benedetti, Deputy Chief Jeff Davis and Fire Marshal Jeff Evans

April 16, 2013 – Before receiving a $736,000 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant, Trenton, MI local 2701 fire fighters often responded to emergencies with just two fire fighters on an apparatus. Now, with six newly hired fire fighters, Local 2701 can respond with four.

“It is amazing the difference six fire fighters make,” says Local 2701 President Richard Benedetti. “Not only are fire fighters safer on the fire ground and at other emergencies, but now we can do a better job of keeping our citizens safe.”

Local 2701 serve and protect Trenton’s 19,000 residents out of two fire stations, providing both fire suppression and emergency medical services, including transport. But fire fighters’ ability to keep citizens out of harm’s way was hindered by understaffing.

The Trenton Fire Department first applied for the SAFER grant in 2011, but was denied. To help the department resubmit a successful grant application, IAFF Grants Coordinator Ron Benedict connected the local with a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representative at the 2012 IAFF Convention in Philadelphia last July.

“This was invaluable because what we learned was that we should have applied for the funding of six fire fighters instead of three,” says Benedetti. “With six, we can ensure that we are meet NFPA 1710 standards on most days. And that’s one thing FEMA is looking for in a successful SAFER grant application.”

The IAFF continued to assist Trenton Fire Department and Local 2701 leaders as they submitted the 2012 SAFER grant application. After the City of Trenton received the grant, the Trenton Fire Department began hiring the new certified fire fighters in February and March of 2013.


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