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Vancouver Area Fire Fighters Organize Camp for Teen Girls

January 14, 2013 – Fire fighters in Vancouver, British Columbia, are gearing up for what they hope will be a successful third annual Camp Ignite Mentorship Program for teenage girls. In 2012, the camp hosted 17 girls from 11 municipalities.

Camp Ignite, created by female fire fighters, encourages team-building and leadership skills through participation in various fire fighting scenarios. Additionally, campers also have the opportunity to hike one of Northern Vancouver’s most challenging trails, Grouse Mountain’s “Grouse Grind.” The trail is just 1.8 miles, but the climb is 2,800 feet in elevation.

“This program is not meant to specifically recruit women into the fire service, but rather empower them to realize that they can do anything they want to do,” says Jen Dawkins, camp mentor and Vancouver Local 18 member.

Each Metro Vancouver municipality, in collaboration with its school district, selects the campers. Municipalities also pay for camp fees. Throughout the four-day camp, men and women from the fire service together donate their time instructing and mentoring this program.

“By the end of camp it becomes real to the participants that when we empower ourselves to rise to a challenge, determination and courage will help us to succeed despite the obstacles that are placed in our paths,” says Haida Siegmann, camp mentor and North Vancouver Local 296 member.

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