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Calgary Fire Fighters’ Moustache Campaign Raises $30,000

January 7, 2013 – November is being dubbed “Movember” worldwide as men across Canada and other countries grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health. In 2012, Calgary, AB Local 255 raised nearly $30,000 to help prevent and treat prostate cancer.

The Mo Bro Team raised enough money to win the Great Canadian Fire Challenge. The challenge was put forth by Movember Canada to encourage fire service teams to compete against each other to see which team could raise the most. As the winner, Local 255 earned a trophy and bragging rights.

“I am very proud of the hard work and dedication our members put into this worthy cause,” says Local 255 President Mark Faires.

“I think the Calgary Local 255 team was especially motivated this year after one of our members, Scott Malcolm, was diagnosed with prostate cancer,” says Local 255 Executive Director Matt Osborne. “Team Captain Todd Kusler and other members reached out to family and friends for donations as they grew moustaches throughout the month.”

Malcolm has since received the treatment he needed and is in remission.

When Movember events started in 2003, the focus was to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer. It has since been expanded to include cancer, mental health and other issues affecting men’s health. “Not all of us are comfortable talking about what ails us,” says Osborne. “Events like Movember get people talking and encourage men to get treated and take care of ourselves.”

In total, there were 230 fire teams competing in the challenge. The combined total for all the teams was more than $455,000. Canada-wide, Local 255 was 47th among 23,000 teams, with a combined total of more than $24.9 million.