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FIRST PLACE: "No on Issue 2/Repeal Senate Bill 5"
The Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters (OAPFF) was an integral part of the coalition to repeal Senate Bill 5 that would have stripped collective bargaining rights away from all public employees. The OAPFF deployed its legions of members to collect signatures to repeal the law and to spread the word. The campaign included broadcast ads, YouTube videos, direct mail and other literature and yard signs. The repeal passed 62 percent to 38 percent due in large part to the work of the OAPFF.

Produced by: Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters
Submitted by: Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters

SECOND PLACE (TIE): "Check Your Seats in the Heat Car Safety Campaign"
Henderson Local 1883 generated a good bit of media during the summer of 2011 with the launch of its “Check Your Seats in the Heat” car safety campaign. The campaign was designed to raise awareness about not leaving children, seniors or pets in hot cars — a common problem in southern Nevada. The campaign included grassroots efforts, community outreach, public service announcements and a press conference.

Produced by: Henderson, NV Local 1883
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

HONORABLE MENTION: "That’s My Job public service announcement"
In October 2011, Albuquerque Local 244 released its second “That’s My Job” public service campaign focusing on fire fighter/paramedics. The 30-second PSA video showed fire fighters on the job with the message, “Responding to your call within minutes to save a life — that’s my job.” The PSAs generated traffic on YouTube and other social media.

Produced by: Albuquerque, NM Local 244
Submitted by: Albuquerque, NM Local 244

HONORABLE MENTION: "Worth Every Penny"
In September 2011, Little Rock Local 34 endorsed and campaigned to pass a 1 cent local sales tax increase for the City of Little Rock. The local launched its “Worth Every Penny” campaign with signs, flyers and door-to-door canvassing. The campaign included a step van covered with “Worth Every Penny” graphics. The 1 cent increase passed by 1,730 votes.

Produced by: Little Rock, AR Local 34
Submitted by: Little Rock, AR Local 34






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SECOND PLACE (TIE): "2011 Ontario Provincial Election Political Toolkit"
This toolkit served as an excellent resource to help Canadian affiliates in Ontario get involved in the political process. This manual provided detailed information on all provincial candidates, as well as clear rationales for why the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA) threw its muscle behind Premier Dalton McGuinty and other like-minded candidates. It also provided talking points and other action materials for members to use in support of candidates.

Produced by: Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association
Submitted by: Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association

SECOND PLACE (TIE): "Not Gravy Campaign"
Toronto Local 3888 created an innovative public relations campaign to counter Mayor Rob Ford’s efforts to slash fire department resources. Using Ford’s rhetoric that suggested fire fighters are riding a “gravy train,” the local built a web site dubbed “Not Gravy” to defend fire fighters and mobilize a counter punch. The site has generated good local media buzz.

Produced by: Toronto, ON Local 3888
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

CPF Firevision is a multi-platform news web site that provides twice-monthly video news reports on the California Professional Firefighters. The videos and images from the frontlines can be found on the web on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Produced by: California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

HONORABLE MENTION: "Vote No on Issue 2"
As the statewide ballot initiative to repeal SB 5 approached last November, Cleveland Local 93 and Euclid Local 337 combined efforts to encourage Ohioans to “Vote No on Issue 2” and repeal Governor John Kasich’s assault on public employee collective bargaining. These locals staged a press event outside a Cleveland Brown NFL football game. More than 100 fire fighters canvassed tailgaters and distributed flyers, signs and T-shirts, with a good bit of the material finding its way into the stadium for national television exposure.

Produced by: Cleveland, OH Local 93 and Euclid, OH Local 337
Submitted by: Cleveland, OH Local 93

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