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NEWS STORY (Circulation More Than 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: “Fire Fighters Deserving of Hero Status”
A moving tribute to late Worcester fire fighter and Local 1009 member Jon D. Davies Sr., who died in the line of duty on December 8, 2011, battling a three-alarm fire. This story captures the attention of the reader from the opening statement to the last period, and gives an insight about the inner drive and selfless qualities of a fire fighter. This is a very compelling story and a deserving tribute to a fallen hero.

Telegram and Gazette
Written by: George Barnes
Submitted by: Worcester, MA Local 1009












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SECOND PLACE: “From Olympic”
When the glare of the Olympic spotlight is over, some athletes struggle to find purpose in life after the games conclude. Six Canadian Olympians find their professional calling in fire fighting and discover it is just as rewarding and as “adrenaline inducing” as playing a sport. This story is worth sharing as these Olympians discuss how they transitioned from being elite athletes to professional fire fighters.

Toronto Star
Written by: Randy Starkman
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

HONORABLE MENTION: “Fire Fighters Boot Drive to hit the Streets Again" and "Giving Back"

Las Vegas Sun 
Written by: Jackie Valley
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

The View
Written by: Michael Lyle
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

Henderson Local 1883 members do more than put out fires and respond to emergency calls. These two stories capture the benevolence and community engagement of fire fighters as they raise money for muscular dystrophy and conduct public awareness campaigns to prevent drowning. Henderson fire fighters make it clear they are a part of the community and deliver an important message.

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