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FIRST PLACE: "Bigelow Fire"
Michael Hoye shot this photo at the Bigelow fire in Coronado National forest near Mt. Lemon, Arizona. The photo is of a hotshot crew member (name unknown) who helped contain the fire in an aggressive coordinated attack by local, state and out-of-state crews.    

Photo by: Michael Hoye
Submitted by: Green Valley, AZ Local 4125

"Apartment Complex Fire"
This photo was taken during a four-alarm fire at a three-story apartment building in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, that was started from cooking. The wide picture captures two ladders fully extended and dousing fire on the roof of the building.

Photo by: Chris Mickal
Submitted by: New Orleans, LA Local 632

HONORABLE MENTION: "South Nashville House Fire"
Nashville Local 140 fire fighters attack a fire in South Nashville, Tennessee. The picture captures perfectly the moment when fire fighters confront dangerous flames and move in to suppress.   

Photo by: Buddy Byers
Submitted by: Nashville, TN Local 140

This shot was taken during a training class, and captures fire fighter students staring intently at a simulated flame while another fire fighter conducts a drill.  

Photo by: Joel Green
Submitted by: Plainfield, NJ Local 3527











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SECOND PLACE: "Looking Up"
This is a picture of Shea, infant son of Norwalk Local 830 fire fighter Chris King, during an open house at the firehouse. King’s wife noticed their son as he approached lockers filled with turnouts and stopped in his tracks to look. The photo captures a perfect moment as a child becomes enthralled with fire fighters.  

Photo by: Chris King
Submitted by: Norwalk, CT Local 830

A fire fighter drains hose on a hot June evening during his last fire call before retirement. The lighting is just right and captures the face of a man in deep concentration and thought.

Photo by: Derick Ritter
Submitted by: Winona, MN Local 575

HONORABLE MENTION: "Heavy Fire Showing"
Fire Fighters in Wareham, Massachusetts, battle a four-alarm fire. This photo captures a moment of intense cooperation when the team has run a ladder up to the roof of a house and are heading up to attack the flames.   

Photo by: Rob Reardon
Submitted by: Duxbury, MA Local 2167


A City of Alexandria Local 2141 fire fighter recruit practices cutting a flat roof during a training evolution in October 2011.The image captures the subject’s intense concentration against a beautiful blue sky.

Photo by: Wells P. Wilson
Submitted by: Alexandria, VA Local 2141

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