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FIRST PLACE: "National City Fire Fighter"
National City fire fighters, in conjunction with Blue H2O productions, produced this video of the inner workings of the fire department and staffing during these difficult economic times.

Produced by: National City Fire Fighters and Steve Scoville (Blue H2O)
Submitted by: National City, CA Local 2744

Tower Ladder 1 came to the Pahrump Valley Fire Department in 2006 from Ladder 117 in Queens, New York. Tower Ladder 1 made 40,000 runs and alarms while serving the FDNY. It even served on September 11, 2001. In need of a good aerial truck, Tower Ladder 1 was sent to Canada for refurbishment. It serves 400 square miles in the Pahrump Valley area and has responded to residential and structural fires and rescue work. This video is dedicated to the men and women who have served on this truck.

Produced by: Alan Bigelow
Submitted by: Pahrump Valley, NV Local 4068

"Fire fighters risk their lives for a resident"
Dramatic first-on-the-scene coverage of a rescue attempt by Lowell fire fighters to save a life.

Produced by: Robert Mills
Submitted by: Lowell, MA Local 853

HONORABLE MENTION: "Fire fighters pull residents from burning building"
Video coverage of multiple victims being rescued over aerial ladder by Lowell fire fighters.

Produced by: Robert Mills
Submitted by: Lowell, MA Local 853


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SECOND PLACE: "Looking Back 2010"
This video takes a look at the operations of the Reading Fire Department in 2010.

Produced by: Jason Batz
Submitted by: Reading, PA Local 1803

"USAR Drill at the Jacksonville Port"
As Jacksonville approached the start of its mayoral election cycle, many candidates began attacking fire fighters and their pensions. Jacksonville Local 122 gives members of the City Council a better understanding of the type of work they do by videotaping a simulated drill where fire fighters rescued an unconscious man deep in the bottom of a barge at Crowley Marine Jacksonville Port. The video was placed on YouTube and a link was forwarded to members of the Jacksonville City Council.

Produced by: Mark Treglio
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122

Local 48 member Scott Sallee produced this important video showing the public how budget cuts affect the fire department and service.

Produced by: Scott Sallee
Submitted by: Cincinnati, OH Local 48

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