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FIRST PLACE: "Firefighters in Court Reunion"
In April 2010, fire fighter and paramedic Jeffrey Novack rescued Lucille Ziglier who had become trapped within her apartment during a fire to the building. Continuing to search the building after this rescue, Novak became trapped and was forced to jump out of the third story window, suffering injuries from both the burns and the landing. The fire was set by arsonist Katina Garcia. This clip shows the emotional reunion of Novack and Siglier at the court arraignment of the arsonist.

Reported by: Andrea Fujii
Submitted by: Baltimore, MD Local 734

HONORABLE MENTION: "9/11 Memorial Passes Through Jacksonville"
In December 2010, pieces of the World Trade Center passed through Jacksonville en route to Palm Beach County, where they would be made into a 9/11 memorial.

Action News Jacksonville
Reported by: Leslie Coursey
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122

HONORABLE MENTION: "State of Emregency Part 1 and 2"
Over the years the number of people calling 9-1-1 to be taken to the emergency room has increased dramatically in Portland, Maine. Cindy Williams, lead reporter on this story, rides with paramedics/fire fighters to see the type of people who are making the calls, the reasons for the calls and how much it is costing taxpayers.

Reported by: Cindy Williams
Submitted by: Portland, ME Local 740


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SECOND PLACE: "Firefighters' Training"
The Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont hosted a Fire Ops 101 to demonstrate to lawmakers, public officials and media what it is like being a fire fighter for a day. Participants went through several evolutions simulating vehicle extrications and extinguishing live burns.

New England Cable News
Reported by: Anya Huneke and Kika Bronger
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont

A compelling and detailed documentary of what it is like to be a Lethbridge fire fighter. This documentary opens with fire fighters debriefing about the experiences they learned from the day when a dispatch operator called them to respond to a high-rise structure fire. A highlight of the video illustrates how fire fighters interact in a scenario when a resident refuses to leave his high-rise building as it fills with smoke.

CTU Lethbridge Television
Reported by: Dory Rossiter
Submitted by: Lethbridge, AB Local 237







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