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FIRST PLACE: "Seattle Fire Department Yearbook"
Yearbooks aren’t only for school students. The Seattle Fire Department’s 2010 Yearbook serves as a wonderful keepsake for fire fighters. Photos of battalions in action, family pictures, and philanthropic efforts in the Seattle community are all captured to help fire fighters preserve their memories from 2010.  

Produced by: Seattle Fire Department
Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

HONORABLE MENTION: "Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont Fire Ops Photo Book"
This photo album of Fire Ops 101 is a memento for those who participate in the Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont’s Fire Ops. 

Produced by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont

"Your Union Benefits"
This detailed brochure on medical and dental open enrollment plans available to Local 112 members is a useful resource that explains union benefits. 

Produced by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112
Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112


Media Awards Homepage

SECOND PLACE: "California Professional Firefighters 2009 Annual Report"
This colorful report reviews major events and accomplishments for the year, as well as information to help address future challenges.

Produced by: California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters


HONORABLE MENTION: "Dayton Fire Fighters 136 2010 St. Patty’s Day Shirts"
Local 136 members wore this black and green T-shirt sporting a graveyard of the engines taken out of service since 2000 on St. Patrick’s Day. This shirt makes a political statement against the dangerous cuts imposed on the fire department. 

Produced by: Dayton, OH Local 136
Submitted by: Dayton, OH Local 136


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