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FIRST PLACE: "Stop FDNY Firehouse Closures in 2010"
This Local 94 radio campaign was created to inform, educate and mobilize New Yorkers and elected officials against the closing of fire stations. Local 94 President Steve Cassidy says during the taping, “The next time your family needs the FDNY for a fire, medical emergency or, God forbid, another terrorist attack, pray fire fighters don’t have to drive past a closed station because seconds count.”

New York Radio Stations
Produced by: Thomas Butler and Jim Spollen
Submitted by: Uniformed Firefighters Association Local 94



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SECOND PLACE: What You Can Get at the Dollar Store"
In a letter read on the air by AM 640 radio host John Oakley, York Regional Police Platoon Sergeant Rob Cullen describes the scene at the home of a 78-year-old retired fire fighter who died of a heart attack in his basement apartment. The 30-year veteran of the fire department was an avid collector of history, especially Toronto history, but authorities had no next of kin to notify of his passing. The deceased fire fighter was going to be carried out in a plastic bag in front of his neighbors, but Cullen made sure that didn’t happen. He instructed those on the scene to go to the local dollar store to buy a Canadian flag to help carry the fire fighter out of his home. The flag was draped across the body of Robert Wilson to honor his life and service.

AM 640 Morning Show With John Oakley
Reported by: Rob Cullen, York Regional Police Platoon Sergeant
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888








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