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FIRST PLACE (tie): "The Truth About Pensions"
Jacksonville Local 122 felt the pressure as fire fighters saw their pensions under attack from all ends. Fighting back against these attacks, Local 122 created this web site to address the myths about fire fighter pensions and set the story straight.

Produced by: Mark Treglio
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122

FIRST PLACE (tie): "Target 2010"
This detail-oriented political campaign helped locals effectively engage with mayors and councilors during the October 2010 municipal elections and included tools and resources for getting local members involved in campaigning, working with political candidates and protecting fire fighters’ rights.

Produced by: Mark McKinnon
Submitted by: Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association

HONORABLE MENTION: "National City Fire Fighter"
This DVD brings attention to the critical need to increase fire department staffing and stresses the importance of proper resources needed for the safety of the public and the fire fighters responding to the calls.

Produced by: National City Fire Fighters and Steve Scoville (Blue H20)
Submitted by: National City, CA Local 2744



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SECOND PLACE (tie): "Making a Difference: The 2010 Elections"
This comprehensive campaign uses DVDs and other tools and resources to communicate the importance of fire fighters' involvement in state elections.

Produced by: California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

SECOND PLACE (tie): "Measure H"
Stockton Local 456 launched this new interactive web site to educate the public about fire fighter safety, community involvement and general information concerning the challenges fire fighters face as a result of budget cuts.

Produced by: Dustin DeRollo
Submitted by: Stockton, CA Local 456

"Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont Fire Ops"
The Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont used this “Fire Ops 101” video to educate decision and policy makers about what the job of a fire fighter truly entails by taking them through training to demonstrate the critical need for funding for staffing, training and equipment.

Produced by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont


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