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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation More Than 100,000)  

FIRST PLACE: "Stretching the Line"
This panoramic shot is of a two-alarm fire at a strip mall that is engulfed in flames as a fire fighter carries hose towards the blaze.

Firehouse Magazine
Photo by: Tod Parker
Submitted by: Indianapolis, IN Local 416


HONORABLE MENTION: "Ferris Wheel Rescue"
Fire fighters moved 17 people, including many children, to safety from a Ferris wheel after it malfunctioned on a chilly, rainy Saturday afternoon in Racine.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Photo by: Timothy Stein
Submitted by: Caledonia, WI Local 2740


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SECOND PLACE: "Park Ridge, NJ 3-19-2010"
Fire fighters battle a four-alarm blaze in the Krell Lighting and Electrical Supplies showroom. The powerful fire tore a hole in the building's roof and caused authorities to evacuate more than 50 people from a nearby neighborhood. The warehouse had been a part of the community for nearly four decades.

The New Jersey Record
Photo by: Bill Tompkins
Submitted by: Englewood, NJ Local 3263

"Hostage Situation at Discovery Communications
On Wednesday, September 1, 2010, hostages were taken in the Discovery Communications building. This photo is of a Montgomery County, MD Local 1664 fire fighter wearing a bomb suit and investigating the crime scene amongst the dinosaur statues in the lobby.

The Washington Post
Photo by: Toni Sandys
Submitted by: Montgomery County, MD Local 1664

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