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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation Under 100,000)

FIRST PLACE (TIE): “In the Garage”

Hose in hand in the doorway of a garage, a fire fighter battles a house fire in the town of Rothesay, outside St. John.















New Brunswick Telegraph Journal
Photo by: Noel Chenier
Submitted by: Kennebacasis, NB Local 3591


SECOND PLACE: “Up in the Air”

High atop their cranes, fire fighters train hoses on a building fire in the Bronx.















Photo by: Bill Tompkins
Submitted by: Englewood, NJ Local 3263

“Caught in a Flashover”

Whitby fire fighters credited their protective gear for getting them through a flashover while they were exiting a house fire.

Whitby This Week
Photo by: Mike Johnston
Submitted by: Whitby, ON Local 2036


FIRST PLACE (TIE): “Water Drop!”

Aided by a helicopter, Los Angeles County crews on the ground mop
up a brush fire on the Rancho Palos Verdes peninsula.




9-1-1 Magazine
Photo by: Jon Androwski
Submitted by: Torrance, CA Local 1138


HONORABLE MENTION: “Dramatic Rescue"

“It could be worse. Yes, I’m alive,” reported one of two construction workers rescued from a ground cave-in. They were laying pipe for a new housing unit when they ran into trouble.













The Telegram
Photo by: Joe Gibbons
Submitted by: St. John’s, NF Local 1075

“Waiting on Water”

A leaking gas line leading to her dryer was central to an explosion
that killed an elderly woman in St. Clair Shores.










The Macomb Daily
Photo by: Jason Frattini
Submitted by: St. Clair Shores, MI Local 1744



More than 80 fire fighters responded to a fire that destroyed a barber shop in Eldred. They saved the building next door, which had minor smoke and water damage.


The Bradford Era
Photo by: Jay K. Bradish
Submitted by: Bradford, PA Local 655

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