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FIRST PLACE: “Cosmopolitan on the Canal Fire”

In the freezing cold, some 130 fire fighters battled a downtown blaze that consumed three apartment buildings under construction. The ensuing arson investigation resulted in arrests

Reported by: WISH-TV
Submitted by: Indianapolis, IN Local 416



This dramatic footage shows a two-alarm fire in progress: the 37th known meth lab fire of the year in Tulsa. The fire started inside the Royal Arms apartment building. Only eight of the units in the building burned, including the one housing the lab, and there were only three serious injuries.

KOTV – The News on 6
Reported by: Latoya Silmon
Submitted by: Tulsa, OK Local 176

HONORABLE MENTION: “Restaurant Explosion”

Incredible flashover and glass in every direction led to close calls for fire fighters when a sushi restaurant exploded after an early morning fire.

Global News
Reported by: Catherine McDonald
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

SECOND PLACE: “Caught in the Drain”

After a three-year-old girl gets her arm stuck in a vacuum pipe in a community pool, rescue crews race to free her while keeping her head above water. The girl went to the hospital with a piece of the cut pipe encasing her arm.

Reported by: Reed Cowan
Submitted by: Miami, FL Local 587

HONORABLE MENTION: “House Fire in Elyria”

This film captures the rescue efforts by citizens and then fire fighters during a house fire on a snowy December morning. The photojournalist later used the time code to document the time line, so the fire department would have the film for training. When the city council later saw the film, laid-off fire fighters were reinstated and the city received a grant to hire more fire fighters.

Reported by: David Arnold
Submitted by: Elyria, OH Local 474

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