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FIRST PLACE (TIE): “Firefighters on Your Side: Disaster Planning for the Elderly”

This public relations campaign stresses the importance of senior citizens planning for an evacuation. It explains how to prepare an evacuation kit—including medications and emergency contacts—in the event of an emergency.










Produced by: Lou Paulson
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

Answer the Call

This multimedia campaign sought to raise awareness of fire fighters’ charitable activities. The message: We are a community asset—not a drain on the taxpayer.

Produced by:  Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

Department Mismanagement
Pay Cuts for Injuries
Pay Cuts as Punishment

These three segments showcase a campaign to have the parish president address concerns about safety, lack of equipment, and the need to remove a particular fire director. Although the parish administration retaliated with its own campaign, public outrage led Local 1374 to prevail.

Produced by: Jefferson Parish, LA Local 1374
Submitted by: Jefferson Parish, LA Local 1374


FIRST PLACE (TIE): “Truth and Realities of Protecting
New Yorkers"

The Uniformed Firefighters Association collaborated with Butler Associates to educate and inform New Yorkers and elected officials with respect to their protection and the facts about the pensions of fire fighters.




Produced by: Thomas Butler and James Slevin
Submitted by: Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York Local 94

“Tax Election Overview”

“This report of the November 2009 pension sales tax initiative captured the successful strategy to save defined benefit pensions.







Produced by:  Eric Latimer
Submitted by: Springfield, MO Local 152

“Florida Salutes Fire Fighters Tag”

In the wake of September 11, the Florida Professional Fire Fighters began to promote the idea of a “Florida Salutes Fire Fighters” license tag. Local 122 jointly promoted the mayoral campaign of the Jacksonville tax collector, and portions of the tag sales would go back to the county tax collector’s office as well as certain Jacksonville fire fighter charities.














Produced by:  Mark Treglio
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122


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