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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation Under 100,000)


Before heading back to battle the blaze, a Fredericton fire fighter checks his regulator as his air bottle is changed by a fellow fire fighter.








The Daily Gleaner
Photo by: Stephen MacGillivray
Submitted by: Fredericton, NB Local 1053


“Seven Dates for the Prom”

Seven fire fighters escorted Stephanie Royster, who has muscular dystrophy, to the Twinsburg High School prom in grand style.

Twinsburg Sun News
Photo by: John Knaus
Submitted by: Twinsburg, OH Local 3630

: “Dramatic Rescue Effort”

Fire fighters Peter Tucker (left) and Steve Pittman (right) help Don Jarvis as he checks for the pulse of a man pulled from a house fire.

The Telegram
Photo by: Joe Gibbons
Submitted by: St. John's NF Local 1075

SECOND PLACE: “Remembering Brent Lovrien”

A service at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels honored
fire fighter Brent A. Lovrien, who died investigating a series
of explosions near Los Angeles International Airport.

The Los Angeles Fire Fighter
Photo by: Mike Meadows
Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

: “Residential Fire”

A fire in an apartment building spread to a third-floor
attic and left four Rutland families homeless.








Rutland Herald
Photo by: Cassandra Hotaling
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont

: “Get Me a Hook”

Fire fighter Scott Plowman looks out of a second-story window where he is
fighting a residential fire. There were no injuries because,
according to the fire captain, the boy in the home "did exactly
what we teach them to do in schools, and it made the
knockdown a lot easier for us."












The Bradford Era
Photo by: Jay K. Bradish
Submitted by: Bradford, PA Local 655

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