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FIRST PLACE: “Firefighters Protection Act of 2007”

The Vermont legislature passed S. 194 to recognize the relationship of cancer to fire fighting. This brochure lays out not only what a fire fighter needs to do to prevent cancer but also first steps to take if diagnosed with cancer.

Produced by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont










“California Professional Firefighters 2006 Annual Report”

This four-color annual report gives legislators and opinion leaders an accessible, comprehensive look at CPF’s work on behalf of fire fighters and their families. It also goes to all locals and more than 1,600 fire stations. You can also see it online at www.cpf.org.

Produced by: Lou Paulson
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters








“The Combat Challenge Team”

Stamina. Strength. Power. Speed. Aired on Palm Beach County channel 20, this video profiles Local 2928’s combat challenge team. The state’s defending champion “combat athletes” show how they train and stay in shape – and why.

Produced by: Derek Wiley
Submitted by: Palm Beach County, FL Local 2928

“The Beginning”

Archived photos and voice-over narration tell the story of the Middletown Fire Department and Local 336, from their beginnings in 1848 as a 130-man volunteer fire department.

Produced by: David Von Bargen
Submitted by: Middletown, OH Local 336







“Heroes of Today, Heroes of Yesterday”

The 111-year history of the Chapel Hill Fire Department comes to life in this multimedia museum exhibit, which opened August 23, 2007, at the Chapel Hill Museum and remains as a permanent exhibit. Local 2580 supported the exhibit and film, which benefited largely from the collecting and archiving efforts of member Christopher Bradley.

Produced by: Chris Bradley and Traci Davenport
Submitted by: Chapel Hill, NC Local 2580

“Response Times Do Make a Difference”

This flyer describes the dangers of closing fire stations due to budget costs. It compares two residential fires to show the time that can be lost waiting for a secondary responding unit.

Produced by: Mark Treglio
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122







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