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FIRST PLACE: “Fire Fighters for McGuinty” and “Answering the Call”

OPFFA members mobilized as never before to endorse the re-election of Premier Dalton McGuinty of Ontario. OPFFA called on each member to give four hours of time to an election strategy titled, “Answer the Call - Getting Results Means Getting Involved.”

Produced by: Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association
Submitted by: Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association

SECOND PLACE: “Proposition 1 Public Safety Sales Tax Increase”

In the face of a $7.3 million budget cut for the fire department alone, Local 493 created Proposition 1. Its intent: to increase the city’s sales tax by two-tenths of 1 percent, to hire new fire fighters, train paramedics and buy new apparatus. Working together, labor and management won the election with a 67 percent margin.

Produced by:  United Phoenix Professional Fire Fighters Association
Submitted by: Phoenix, AZ Local 493


“Toronto Fire Fighters’ Bouncer Program”

The Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association has popularity down pat. Its Big Red Bouncy fire truck (capacity 10 children) is on call -- and free -- for community picnics, police barbeques, school fundraisers, festivals and fun all over town.

Produced by: Frank Ramagnano
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

“Always There When You Need Us”

The Halifax Professional Firefighters ran this commercial to reinforce its members’ critical role as protectors of the community and its citizens. It closes with a group photo of the familiar faces of Local 268 members.

Produced by: Steve Townsend, Michal Ann Cochran and Dave Peverill
Submitted by: Halifax, NS Local 268

“Fairbanks Firefighters: Your Professional Union Firefighters”

The 36 fire fighters and medics comprising the Fairbanks Fire Department work 24-hour shifts. That way, the most fire fighters are on duty with the fewest number of employees. This brochure reminds local and state officials and citizens of the value they’re receiving for their tax dollars.

Produced by: Brian Davis
Submitted by: Fairbanks, AK Local 1324

“A Staffing Standard for Truck Company Safety in Fairfax County”

Adequate staffing on ladder trucks is critical. This video produced for the Fairfax County board of supervisors shows why each truck should have a minimum of four personnel. The video also was posted on YouTube.com.

Produced by: Joel Kobersteen
Submitted by: Fairfax County, VA Local 2068

“Hero Plaque Program”

Started in 2006, this program garners community attention and media coverage. Members of Local 22, joined by local officials and other agencies, regularly install plaques commemorating fallen fire fighters, since 1871, at the sites where they died in the line of duty. In 2007, Local 22 placed 11 plaques at eight ceremonies.

Produced by: Philadelphia, PA Local 22
Submitted by: Philadelphia, PA Local 22



“Commercial for Recruitment 2007”

Film clips of fire fighters in action make this a compelling 30-second recruitment spot, which also encourages a diverse applicant pool.

Produced by: Ryan B. Jarrell
Submitted by: Louisville, KY Local 345


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