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FIRST PLACE: “Fire Department Scheme Invites Death”

This commentary delivers the message that saving $3.2 million by closing three engine and two ladder companies is "too small a savings for too large a risk." 

Philadelphia Daily News
Written by: Stu Bykofsky
Submitted by: Philadelphia, PA Local 22

SECOND PLACE: “Watch what you heat to keep kitchen safe”

Unattended food cooking is the largest cause of kitchen-related fires, says Watson Kohankie, a fire fighter and paramedic with the Carrollton Fire Department.

Dallas Morning News
Written by: Watson Kohankie
Submitted by: Carrollton, TX Local 2182

HONORABLE MENTION: “With children back in school, adults need to be on lookout”

Cincinnati, OH Local 48 produces this annual calendar featuring photos of members at work, as well as important dates, including holidays, union meetings and special events.

Produced by: Watson Kohankie 
Submitted by: Carrollton, TX Local 2182


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