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FIRST PLACE: “Hazmat Horror”

A fire in a large biotech lab brought to light fire fighters' concerns about their training and resources to manage hazardous material accidents. A two-part FOX undercover investigation reported there are 5,000 biotech labs in Boston alone -- but no dedicated HazMat team to deal with hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials. The second part of the series illuminated the serious health problem that beset emergency personnel after combating these accidents.

FOX 25 News
Reported by: Mike Beaudet
Submitted by: Boston, MA Local 718

SECOND PLACE: “Black Sunday Firefighters: First Anniversary”

Four fire fighters are still struggling with the physical and psychological wounds on the eve of the first anniversary of the Black Sunday fires in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The four had survived a jump from a burning fourth-story apartment. Two fire fighters died in the fires, and the story includes interviews with their widows.

Reported by: Mary Murphy
Submitted by: Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York Local 854


“In the Line of Duty”

This story opens and ends with the funeral of Jack Kellum, who died of bladder and brain cancer at the age of 67. The family of Kellun, who was a 26-year veteran of the fire department, is being compensated because the cancer was proven to be job related.

A Channel News
Reported by: Kathy Mueller
Submitted by: London, ON Local 142

“Camp Bucko”

Started 12 years ago, Camp Bucko provides young burn victims with a free, one-week camp experience every August. This two-part series shows campers telling their stories and also highlights a dedicated camp leader who herself was a burn victim.

CH Television
Reported by: Cindy Csordas
Submitted by: Hamilton, ON Local 288

“Water Safety”

At nearly six minutes, "Water Safety" drives home the message that drowning accidents are preventable. The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District presented this video for the benefit of preschool and primary school children.

Produced by: Sacramento Fire District
Reported by: Brenda Briggs
Submitted by: Sacramento, CA Local 522

“Burning for Help”

Viewers get a first-hand look at what takes place inside a burning building. Hagerstown Local 1605 emphasizes the need to provide the best in fire fighting equipment and training.

Produced by: WHAG-TV
Reported by: Marie Coronel and Terry Brown
Submitted by: Hagerstown, MD Local 1605

“The Las Cruces Fire Department: 100 Years of Service”

Aired on the cable channel for the city's government, this documentary tells the story of past and present Las Cruces fire fighters as they celebrate 100 years of service.

Produced by: CLC TV Cable Channel 20
Reported by: Adrian Guzman, Johnny Carrillo and Wally Monsivaiz
Submitted by: Las Cruces, NM Local 2362

“When Seconds Count”

This eye-opening series investigates how children will react in a home fire drill. With the cooperation of parents, the Vaughn Fire Department put several families to the test, setting up night vision cameras and smoke machines in their houses, with a fire crew on standby outside. 

Reported by: Bob McLaughlin and Tracy McReynolds
Submitted by: Vaughn, ON Local 1595

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