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NEWS STORY (Circulation Under 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: “Healing Presence”

Billerica fire fighter Phil Tammaro, a burn victim at the age of two, leads his co-workers in bringing hope, encouragement and toys to children at the Shriners Burn Hospital for Children in Boston.

The Sun
Written by: Jennifer Amy Myers
Submitted by: Billerica, MA Local 1495

SECOND PLACE: “Controlling fire damage”

This story reports on a live burn to show the effectiveness of residential sprinkler systems for saving lives and property and making fires easier to control.

Poughkeepsie Journal
Written by: Nik Bonopartis
Submitted by: Arlington, NY Local 2393

HONORABLE MENTION: “Firemen establish fund to honor young epileptic”

Alexander Arcuri was 13 when he died in 2006. His mother credited the collective knowledge of Washington Township's fire fighters for her son's capable emergency care. In his memory, those fire fighters began raising funds for a scholarship to help local middle and high school students interested in studying medicine.

The Trentonian
Written by: Candice Grieco
Submitted by: Washington Township, NJ Local 3786

HONORABLE MENTION: “Blazing into Galesburg history, again”

An early morning fire in an old department store claimed a Galesburg landmark. However, the local fire department called back fire fighters from the previous shift, a measure that helped save other structures up and down the street.

The Zephyr
Written by: Mike Kroll
Submitted by: Galesburg, IL Local 555


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