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NEWS STORY (Circulation Over 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: “Special Report: Falling Heroes”

This three-part series features interviews with Ontario fire fighters who contract illnesses on the job, and details the efforts of the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association to gain appropriate compensation for fire fighters with occupational illnesses.

Ottawa Citizen
Written by: Shelley Page
Submitted by: Ottawa, ON Local 162

SECOND PLACE: “Deathly Slow”

This story highlights the overworked Philadelphia Fire Department's emergency medical response system, and led to a year-long investigation by the city's controller's office and a vote by City Council to add more than $1 million to the EMS budget.

Philadelphia Daily News
Written by: Dave Davies
Submitted by: Philadelphia, PA Local 22


“Chief Chides Firefighters Union”

Fire fighters campaigning on behalf of certain candidates in the civic elections got a collective scolding from the city's paramedic chief, who did not believe the fire fighters should identify themselves as representatives of the city's fire department during their door-to-door campaigning. 

Winnipeg Free Press
Written by: Mary Agnes Welch
Submitted by: Winnipeg, MB Local 867

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