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NEWS STORY (Circulation Under 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: “Will they stay or will they go?”

“This is not a new concern to me,” Gilbert said. “Anytime one of the larger agencies goes through a hiring process, I face the possibility of losing staff.”

This article addresses the issue of employee retention in the Key Biscayne Fire Department. Twelve Key Biscayne fire fighters applied to other larger fire agencies, threatening the numbers of fire fighters available per shift.

The Islander News
Written by: Kelly Josephsen
Submitted by: Key Biscayne, FL Local 3638

SECOND PLACE: “Children of Fire”

“I heard someone say you can’t help them all, but (to me) it’s all about helping in a small way,” says Pat Barker. “Who knows how this will empower these children. Who knows where it can lead each one of them.”

“Children of Fire” tells the story of four young burn survivors from Africa who were given a chance to experience the aquarium, toy store, the Canadian Rockies and a ride on an airplane, thanks to Pat Barker, a Richmond fire fighter and award-winning author of books for children with burns who has worked to help burn survivors for more than a year.

The Richmond News
Written by: Michelle Hopkins
Submitted by: Richmond, BC Local 1286

HONORABLE MENTION: “Harborview Marina Fire”

This article takes an in-depth view of a pier fire in Gig Harbor, Washington. The fire destroyed a 450-foot-long pier and about 50 boats. The article includes information on the cleanup process, commercial impact, personal stories and past fires in the city.

The Peninsula Gateway
Submitted by: Gig Harbor, WA Local 3390

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