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FIRST PLACE: “Too Close for Comfort”

“Too Close for Comfort” documents an historic church fire that nearly killed 16-year veteran fire fighter Martinez Chapman. The television report includes footage of Chapman frantically waving from a window and climbing onto a ladder as he barely escapes the flames exploding behind him.

WFLD-TV Channel 32
Reported by: Lilia Chacon
Submitted by: Chicago, IL Local 2

SECOND PLACE: “Man on Fire”

“Man on Fire” is the story of Toronto fire fighters responding to a man who poured gasoline and lit himself on fire. A moving interview with the fire fighters who saved the man’s life follows the report.

CTV Toronto
Reported by: CTV Toronto
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888


“Avenue E” is the story of a tragic house fire in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The report is clear and focused and contains great vivid shots.

CTV Saksatoon
Reported by: Lindsey Hoemsen
Submitted by: Saskatoon, SK Local 80

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