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FIRST PLACE: “Firefighters/Cancer”

This news feature reported the rising numbers of fire fighters who are diagnosed with cancer each year, and includes comparative cancer percentages, relevant interviews and the importance of fire fighters using their safety devices. The presumptive cancer legislation passed three weeks after this story aired.

Reported by: Jeremy Desel and Tom Empey
Submitted by: Houston, TX Local 341

SECOND PLACE: “The Mean Season”

“The Mean Season” is a 30-minute documentary of the 2004 hurricane season. It clearly explains the Emergency Operations Center and its setup, as well as the coordination of the rescue and relief efforts. Footage of fire fighters clearing out a nursing home shows how prepared the fire fighters were.

PBC-TV Channel 20
Reported by: Jack Norris, Derek Wiley and Sergio Ornelas
Submitted by: Palm Beach County, FL Local 2928


“Everything’s On Fire: Inside the Union County Fire Academy”

This informative television news feature documents fire fighters in training.

Scotch Plains Television
Reported by: William McKeekan Jr.
Submitted by: Elizabeth, NJ Local 2040

“Fully Involved”

“Fully Involved” is a 25-minute public relations video/documentary designed to inform the public about fire fighting. The feature included information on the Ocean City Fire Department, the sacrifices, commitment and dedication of the fire fighters and the department’s future plans.

Cox Communications
Reported by: Ryan Christen
Submitted by: Ocean City, FL Local 2879

“Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Recruitment Video”

This informative news feature was aired to encourage the public to become a Sioux Falls fire fighter. The feature emphasized the need to prepare for the CPAT.

Reported by: Rich Murphy
Submitted by: Sioux Falls, SD Local 814

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