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FIRST PLACE: “Lessons in How to Live”

“Charlie has a brain tumor, an “anaplastic astrocytoma.” The long-term chances for survival were bleak. Charlie figured it was due to all those years of breathing in toxic fumes, and he went looking for a kind of courage beyond even what he needed to crawl through a burning house.” This is the story of Charlie Legg, a Richmond fire fighter known for his bravery who had to stop working when a tumor was found in his brain. The author is successful in expressing the emotion in the story.

The Post-Standard
Written by: Sean Kirst
Submitted by: Syracuse, NY Local 280

SECOND PLACE: “Victoria recognizes cancer as job hazard for firefighters”

This report on the law that the British Columbia government passed to change the Workers Compensation Act describes how the bill makes it easier for a fire fighter with cancer to receive compensation benefits. The author educates readers about the increasing number of fire fighters who develop cancer due to their routine exposure to toxic fumes.

The Vancouver Sun
Written by: Dirk Meissner
Submitted by: Vancouver, BC Local 18

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