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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation Over 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: This photo portrays a daring escape of a fire fighter caught in trouble and the quick thinking of his brother fire fighters who rescued him form a life threatening situation.

Barely visible through smoke at an upstairs window, fire fighter Mike Woodard lowers Bart Bradberry into the arms of a fire fighter on the ground.

"Firefighter Catch" Fort Worth Star Telegram Photo by: Glen E. Ellman Submitted by: Fort Worth, TX Local 440




SECOND PLACE: The photo is about unsurpassable bravery of fire fighters who deal with the most dangerous and unexpected situations on the job as seen in the picture where suddenly fire explodes from the windows while fire fighters are taming the blaze on the roof.

Two city firefighters found themselves in the middle of the fire while trying to cut a hole in the roof to vent it. The fire blew out the upstairs window and over the top of the firemen.

“Fire Explodes From Windows ” Democrat and Chronicle Photo by: Burr Lewis  Submitted by: Rochester, NY Local 1071


“Uptown Disaster” Toronto Star Photo by: Peter Power Submitted by: Toronto, ONT Canada Local 3888

Fire fighters scramble to rescue potential victims amid the rubble of the collapsed theatre and the roof of the building to the south, where students of the Yorkville English Academy were trapped.



“So Cal Fire” Daily News Photo by: Gene Blevins Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

An exhausted fire fighter in Simi Valley takes rest where he can.



"Ventilation Sensations” Spokane Spokesman-Review Photo by: Colin Mulvaney Submitted by: Spokane, WA Local 29



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