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FIRST PLACE: “Backdraft”

The look and feel of this magazine, as well as the information covered, speak of excellence among union publications. It features remarkable presentation, quality and creativity. The content is solid in delivering pro-union messages, news, and information from across the International. The magazine presents the local’s news with a flare and includes useful information on politics, legislation, and events of interest to fire fighters.

Produced by: Salt Lake City, UT 1645 and Salt Lake County, UT Local 1696
Submitted by: Prof. Salt Lake City, UT Local 1645

SECOND PLACE: “The Los Angeles Firefighter”

This is a well-rounded and energetic news publication, covering a variety of news, information and photos related to local fire fighters and fire fighters from across the United States. The newsletter is appealing and very professionally organized.

Produced by: Jim Perry
Submitted by: LA City Local 112 



“The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire”
Produced by: Bethany Blake
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire

“The Third Rail”
Produced by: Monica Blum
Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

“California Professional Firefighters”
Produced by: Dan Terry
Submitted by: CCalifornia Professional Firefighters

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