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NEWS STORY (Circulation over 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: “Hero finally gets his due”

“Yes, fire fighters have a strange relationship with death. Even after 155 years. Which is why they gather, bagpipes keening, by a little elm in the oldest part of St. James Cemetery on Parliament St. Buried here is William Thornton Hook of Ladder Co. #1, the first Toronto fire fighter to die on duty. He was 22.”

The news feature pays a moving homage to a fallen hero who died in the line of duty 155 years ago. The article talks about the heroism of fire fighters and relates Thornton’s life and death to fire fighters today on the job. The reader can feel the bravery and sacrifice of fire fighters in every line of the article.

The Toronto Sun 
Story by: Mike Strobel
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Canada Local 3888 

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