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FIRST PLACE: “Report From Ground Zero”

The voices, faces and last words of terrorist attack victims are brought to life by surviving NYC fire fighters as they tell their stories of what happened seconds before the buildings collapsed. This report, based on a best-selling novel by retired fire fighter Dennis Smith also included moving film footage. Respect, pride and sadness can be seen on every one of the survivors faces as they recount a day that they will never forget.

ABC Television Network
Produced by: Lloyd Kramer, Tom Yellin, Liz Mermin, Kenneth Levis
Submitted by: Newark, NJ Fire Officers Local 1860

SECOND PLACE: “Nightline: Brothers on Holy Ground”

Interviews from active members of the FDNY recount the legendary nobility and courage of NY’s fallen fire fighters while delving into the emotional aftermath of those who survived 9/11.

ABC Television Network
Produced by: Mike Lennon
Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112


“Dangerous Roofs”
Produced by: Lisa Fletcher, Julie Jones, Adam Symson
Submitted by: Phoenix, AZ Local 493

“Fire Fighters Foundation Investigation”
News 12 New Jersey
Produced by: Walt Kane
Submitted by: Prof. Fire Fighters of New Jersey

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